Be Like These Celebrities and Wear a Face Mask


Many countries around the world have asked residents to wear a mask while out and about in order to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19. While it’s mandatory in some countries and states, the act of wearing a mask is encouraged or recommended in others.

Celebrities have been some of the earliest adopters of mask-wearing while running errands, likely in an effort to keep themselves and their communities safe — but their fashion-forward looks have inspired many to do the same, whether intentional or not.

Should you be unwell, wearing a fabric mask lowers the risk of you passing on your illness and others potentially catching it, as per the World Health Organisation (WHO). Wearing a mask isn’t political and it isn’t an infringement on your basic human rights; it shows that you care about others, especially in the middle of a devastating health crisis.

Below, we’ve rounded up a handful of fashion-forward celebrity sightings of A-listers wearing masks. Click the gallery to view all snaps and then shop a mask of your own that supports a small Australian business.

Celebrities Wearing Face Masks

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