Install an Instant Office With This Affordable Cardboard Desk


As we all spend more time indoors and working from home in an effort to flatten the curve and reduce COVID-19 cases in Australia, the inadequacies of our home set-ups are really starting to show and take full effect on our bodies.

We’re talking back pain, restless legs and tension headaches from prolonged posture problems and ergonomically lacking set-ups on the floor, our kitchen tables or even our beds (no judgement here).

No one knows exactly when life will return to a new normal, but since we can expect this all to go on for a number of weeks or months even, shouldn’t we be trying to find a better solution? One that looks after our bodies, but that won’t break the bank?

Refold is a New Zealand-based start-up creating flexible, foldable, portable, affordable and 100% recyclable cardboard desks.

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Made in Wellington, the nifty solutions come flat-packed and ready to be easily assembled into a range of working-from-home-approved pieces, perfect for creating an instant home office in self-isolation.

Shipped as a neatly folded, 6.5kg stack of cardboard, the desks can be assembled out of four separate pieces in just two minutes. Once put together, the piece can take up to 85kgs of weight and will last up to three years.

While sent in a standard light brown shade, there’s nothing to say you couldn’t paint the desk to better suit your home aesthetic. A cool white will have the piece blending nicely into your walls, while a bright orange or yellow could increase productivity or spark creative ideas.

Refold desks are confirmed to be in operation. Right now, the site has a range of desks in three heights with accessories that include a laptop stand and waterproof desk surface, ideal for those who like to keep a coffee by their sides at all times.

There are sitting and standing desks starting from $194.83, and a desk that has the ability to change from sitting to standing with the addition of extra legs for $258.15. Shipping to Australia is available, and should take around 10-15 days to arrive once ordered.

Refold was launched in 2014 off the back of a successful Kickstarted campaign.

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