I Don’t Care What You Say — Candles Are for Men, Too

Gents, for too long we’ve hidden in the darkness, too afraid and too embarrassed to express our love for scented candles.

But not anymore because I’m a man and I’m declaring my love for the wax wicker.

I’m stamping out the stigmas associated with scented candles — that they’re ‘for girls’, by highlighting their many benefits and creating a safe world where men can openly enjoy their candles. Without shame.

I don’t want to point out the bleeding obvious but first things first, candles are an excellent source of light. Fire was a defining discovery for humankind, separating us from animals and if it’s good enough for our ancestors, then it’s good enough for us blokes.

More importantly, there’s something particularly impressive about the light omitted by a candle. The way the hot flame flickers in the air, casting shadows that gently dance around the room. It’s powerful, passionate and romantic, yet fragile and vulnerable.

Candles set a certain ambience that can’t be recreated by electric lighting. A mood that can be particularly useful when trying to court someone you fancy. Gentlemen, it might very well be the game changer you’ve been looking for.

Adding to the romantic environment is the sensual scents candles provide. Trust me when I say, females prefer the smell of vanilla over stale beer and whatever you’re hoarding under your bed.

While candles can be very useful in setting a romantic mood for two, they can also be very beneficial for one, providing some therapeutic benefits.

Get this, different smelling aromatherapy candles have the power to increase or decrease emotions. Lavender relieves anger, while lemon can improve memory and grapefruit can reduce depression (apparently). They’re basically magic for your mind. Or a placebo effect, but either way, worth a shot?

Lastly, candles make for a great present that are a thousand times more thoughtful than a gift card. To make it more thoughtful you can tie the scent to a particular memory you have about that person. It might be that your mate’s favourite place is the beach, so you get him sea salt. Your brother loves donuts, so you get him burnt cinnamon, or your roommate needs to smell more like frangipani and gardenia, so you get him frangipani and gardenia. Candles really are the gift for every person and every occasion.

I must mention, make sure you’re buying soy or beeswax candles as they’re better for the environment and there’s nothing more manly than saving the planet.

So, it really doesn’t matter who you are, you ought to get some sweet-smelling candles in your life. I’m buying this one next.