How the Federal Budget Is Planning to Transform Your Healthcare

In 2023, the Federal Government is going buckwild. They’re hyped for the health initiatives in their budget. This is because Labor is gunning for a Medicare overhaul, lung cancer screenings, and creating an Australian Centre for Disease Control.

Now, if my intro has satiated your appetite for knowledge, fair enough. However, if you need some extra details, then I’ve also got your back.

So, let’s pop some knowledge pills. Here’s how the 2023 Federal Budget is planning to transform health.

The $5.7 Billion Medicare Overhaul

According to Labor, they’re going to reinvigorate our Medicare network. They are going to beef up the number of nurses, the amount of after-hours care we can access, and what pharmacists can do. They are also creating a MyMedicare system, which will make seeing your doctor a tad easier. Overall, these changes will cost $5.7 billion over five years. 

This is huge because our health system has been neglected in previous budgets. As it stands, there are major wait times when trying to access some help. Waiting rooms are packed, our ambulances are spread too thin, and our hospital staff are struggling to keep up with demand and lack of resources. Let’s hope that this boost can somewhat mitigate this disaster.

As our Treasurer, Jim Chalmers, said during his budget speech:

“Right now, too many people are finding it more and more difficult to see a doctor. The costs are too high. The wait times are too long. And the consultation is too short.”

“We want to change that.”

Lung Cancer Screenings

From July of 2025, a big change is coming. Smokers and former smokers, between the ages of 55 and 74, will be screened for lung cancer every two years. This is because lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Australia. If all goes well, these screenings will change this statistic.

According to the Federal Government, this programme will be receiving $263.8 million over four years.

Bulk-Billing Incentives

Hey, remember the days when your doctor would bulk-bill you? Instead of asking for a chunk of cash and your best Beyblade? Those were beaut days.

However, those days could be back on the horizon. For Labor is tripling the cash incentives for your doctor to bulk-bill you. These incentives cover face-to-face, telehealth, and videoconference consultations, but they only apply to those under the age of 16 or who hold Commonwealth concession cards.

The Australian Centre for Disease Control

Is Christmas coming early? ‘Cause this year, we’re getting an Australian Centre for Disease Control (ACDC). 

This centre will ensure that Australia is always pandemic-prepared and that we won’t be on the backfoot if a something like COVID-19 hits us again. What’s more, this organisation will ideally prevent other chronic and infectious diseases from spreading from place to place to place.

As of this federal budget, ACDC will score $91.1 million. Angus Young must be thrilled.

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