Big Brother’s Brenton Is More than Just “Single” and “Charming”

BB Christina Brenton

With the arrival of the intruders into the Big Brother house comes the highly anticipated entrance of Brenton Balicki.

The only intruder to have been announced with the original housemates, fans of the show have been wondering when he will arrive.

For Brenton, his experience has already been different to the others, particularly because he was “given the opportunity to make a name” for himself early on.

“It’s been quite a unique feeling because the other housemates have experienced being announced and then being on the show,” Brenton told The Latch before his arrival in the house. “Whereas I’ve experienced being announced but not really existing yet.”

When Channel 7 revealed the 31-year-old as a contestant of the show, they described him as “single” and “charming”, however, Brenton is so much more than that.

“I am single, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s what I wanted to be known for in there,” he admitted. “I think I’ve got a lot more depth to me than just my relationship status.”

He continued: “I wanted to make sure that that didn’t become my identity. I want to be known for the other things in my life other than my relationships. I think over time people will move away from that and realise there is more to me.”

We already know that Brenton strikes up a romance with 22-year-old flight attendant, Christina Podolyan, however, as he said, that had its pros and cons.

“It was dangerous,” he said. “But it could also be seen as quite comforting knowing that amongst all the chaos, there was one person that I could absolutely rely on and trust, and that goes a long way in the house.”

Brenton will be entering the house alongside five others as intruders — an integral part of the Big Brother experience.

The former fine-dining chef said intruders “fill any gaps that might have been created in the house”. In fact, the intruders are hand-picked by producers while filming is already happening, after they can “gauge what the audience might be looking for.”

“I wish I had more opportunity to watch previous episodes or another season or talk to people and get my head in the game before getting in the game physically,” he admitted after revealing he had two weeks notice before going in. “My gameplay was to use my street smarts that had served me quite well in life, to figure out who’s who in the zoo.”

He continued: “Like any corporate environment or social scene, there’s usually different hierarchies or followers and there are leaders, and I knew that I’d be good at figuring out who those followers and leaders were.”

Big Brother continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Channel 7.

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