We’re Wearing Foot Pockets Now

Big W blanket

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With electricity prices set to skyrocket, it’s no wonder many of us aren’t so keen to switch our heaters on this winter. So, we’re all for ways we can get and stay warm without having to pay through the roof for it.

One of our favourite recently-discovered ways? Investing in a Foot Pocket Blanket ($74.99) from Big W. Like its name suggests, it’s a blanket with a pocket on one end for your feet. Forget settling in for a Netflix sesh on the couch with a blanket on and your toes poking out. The foot pocket blanket will ensure they’re kept warm and toasty even when you move slightly to reach for those chips.

Image: Big W

If the blanket doesn’t tickle your fancy, Big W recently dropped heaps of other winter warmer accessories, like Hot Hands Hand Warmers ($1.50), PomPom Hot Water Bottle ($12) and Underworks Women’s Snoozee Boots ($12).

If you’re keen for a blanket without a pocket, opt for their Fleece & Sherpa Hoodie Blanket ($39) or, to wear, Men’s Fleece Gown ($30).

All that said, you may just be after a regular ol’ Oodie or dupe Oodie. Some options for those:

Avocado Oodie, $79

Image: Oodie

An ode to our favourite breakfast meal, the Avocado Oodie is one of our top pattern choices. The avocado and toast just look so happy together!

I Love Plants Oodie, $84

i love plants oodie
Image: Oodie

Our house plants may be suffering from receiving too much love right now, but the I Love Plants Oodie ($79) is the ideal way to pay homage to our plant babies (without overdoing it with the TLC).

Koala Oodie, $69 – $84

koala oodie
Image: Oodie

This Koala Oodie is the sweetest and cosiest wearable blanket we think we’ve ever seen and like most other Oodies, it comes in both kids sizes ($69) and adult sizes, ($79) too.

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