The Best Oodies and Wearable Blankets to Keep You Cosy All Winter


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When the cold snap arrives, there’s only one thing I want to wrap around my body and that, dear reader, is a wearable blanket. Popularised by the brand Oodie, the past two years have seen wearable blankets become the MVP of winter. Thanks to its flannel outer and sherpa inner, these wearable blankets are both comfortable and incredibly warm, too.

The combination of cold snaps and entire days (ahem, months) spent indoors and away from the outside world has made room for Oodies to burrow into our hearts and keep us cosy through many evenings spent on the couch bingeing our favourite shows.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best wearable blankets you can buy right now, from Oodie. Happy snuggling!

Avocado Oodie, now $74 (was $109)

Image: Oodie

An ode to our favourite breakfast meal, the Avocado Oodie ($74, was $109) is one of our top pattern choices. The avocado and toast just look so happy together!

I Love Plants Oodie, now $74 (was $109)

i love plants oodie
Image: Oodie

Our house plants may be suffering from unexpected changes in weather, but the I Love Plants Oodie ($74, was $109) is the ideal way to pay homage to our plant babies (without overdoing it with the TLC).

Koala Oodie, now $64 – $74 (was $94 – $109)

koala oodie
Image: Oodie

This Koala Oodie is the sweetest and cosiest wearable blanket we think we’ve ever seen and like most other Oodies, it comes in both kids sizes ($64, was $94) and adult sizes, ($74, was $109) too.

The Oodie Mega Pack, now $359 (was $654)

mega pack oodie
Image: Oodie

To ensure you don’t leave anyone in your family out, you can buy The Oodie Mega Pack ($359, was $654), which not only gives you six Oodies of your choice, but also saves you money.

Moana Summer Oodie, now $64 (now $129)

moana oodie
Image: Oodie

The Moana Summer Oodie ($64, was $129) is bringing the summer vibes in spirit and the winter warmth in spades. There are also plenty of kids options with a variety of Moana prints, including the summer print if you want to match with your little one.

Blue Tie-Dye Oodie, now $74 (was $109)

blue tie dye oodie
Image: Oodie

The tie-dye trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon and yes, we’re even wearing it on our winter cosies, with this Blue Tie Dye Oodie ($74, was $109).

Navy Oodie, now $79 (now $109)

navy oodie
Image: Oodie

If you’re not a huge fan of prints, we won’t judge you. But we will point you towards this plain Navy Oodie ($79, was $109) that would suit anyone — and therefore makes a great gift, too.

Pink Oodie, now $64 (was $94)

pink oodie
Image: Oodie

On the topic of single-coloured Oodies, this kids version in pink ($64, was $94) is calling your (kid’s) name.

Kids Two and Four Packs, now $128 – $219 (was $188 – $376)

kids oodies
Image: Oodie

To make sure no one in the family misses out, you can buy both two packs ($128, was $188) and four packs ($219, was $376) of Oodies. This might also come in handy when you need a spare while one’s in the wash, since your kid will refuse to take this off.

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