Big Brother’s Daniel Hayes Is “Pathologically” Driven to Succeed

daniel hayes big brother 2021

You may find it rude of us to refer to someone as “pathological” — which is defined as “extreme or excessive in a way that is not normal” — but Big Brother contestant Daniel Hayes chose that descriptor himself.

He’s also been described as hyper-masculine, misogynistic and a bit sexist — once again, not our words, but the words of evicted contestants Max Beattie and Flex Mami.

Needless to say, he does sum up the adjectives he chose for himself, including “outspoken, blunt, antagonistic and unconventional.” Oh wait, that was “the most outspoken.”

Hayes actually dropped out of school in year 10 and ended up channelling his intensity into his work. Definition of a multihyphenate, he has a successful real estate business, a tell-all book, and a motorcycle blog called Million Dollar Bogan. He’s a huge enthusiast of Harley Davidson’s, and also proudly owns a Ferrari worth $500,000.

If you’re wondering why someone who owns a car that’s worth half a mill needs an extra $250,000 in prize money, well, he’s got big plans for that cash if he wins. Hayes would give a “chunk” of the prize money to the locals of Northern Laos, a country that he says has made a significant mark on him (he’s a serial fundraiser).

As for the rest of it? He’d share it between his business partner, kids, and his mum (aww). Yep, this housemate is a single dad of two, and has a softer side — he openly admits to wearing his insides on his outsides…metaphorically, of course.

Hayes is “not going to hold back” in order to win Big Brother and is planning to play hard, laugh hard, and even love hard. But with the latter, only if need be.

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