Big Brother 2022: “I’m Very Lucky” — Reggie Bird Spills on Secret Partner

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After winning Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders during the live finale on July 12th, Reggie Bird made history as the very first two-time winner of Big Brother Australia.

Chatting to The Latch over the phone the following day, Bird was excited, overwhelmed, and understandably, a bit tired!

“I’m exhausted!” she exclaimed with a laugh. “I’ve got so many interviews today, it’s nonstop!” 

Still, Bird has nothing but love for the Big Brother fans who voted for her.

“I can’t thank the Australian public enough for all their support and getting behind me and making this happen again,” she said. “I did not expect to win again, and it’s just humbling to know how much I’m loved by the Australian public.”

She continued: “I’m so proud to have represented people with a disability, and to have raised awareness about people with vision impairment, as well.”

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Going into the finale, Bird said that she was nervous all day, and thought that “one of the boys” — her fellow finalists, Taras Hrubyj-Piper and Johnson Ashak — would likely “take it out” in the end.

“But yeah, it just did not go that way!” she exclaimed, adding with a laugh: “Taras is probably kicking himself right now for taking me to the end!”


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Getting Hrubyj-Piper to take her to the end was all a part of her master plan, though.

“I said to Taras in the scramble when there was four of us left, I said ‘look, if you don’t take me with you Taras, Australia’s not gonna vote for you, they’re gonna hate you!’” she laughed. “And then I said ‘you’re better off taking me with you and having me stand on that stage next to you, they’ll love you for it, and there’s no way I’m gonna win it twice,’ so I got into his head!”

She laughed again.

“Yeah, I played with his mind, and it worked!”

Bird was crowned for the second time with her kids, daughter Mia, 15, and son Lucas, 12 standing by her side, and she said that they couldn’t be happier for her.

“The kids, they’re over the moon. They’re so happy, they’re so proud of what I’ve achieved, bless ‘em!” she said.

What we didn’t see? Her partner, who was apparently sitting in the audience with her daughter, keeping a low profile.

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“I’ve got a partner, I’ve kept him a secret for four years!” Bird exclaimed with a laugh. “He’s a beautiful, beautiful person, no one really knows about him.”

While Bird didn’t divulge many details about her mystery man, she did say that he was “lovely”, and that “he’s a great support” to her as she navigates the ups and downs of life.

“I’m very lucky to have such a lovely person in my life,” she said.

As for whether we’ll get to meet him any time soon, Bird gave the impression that we shouldn’t hold our breath for a big partner reveal anytime soon.

“I’ll still keep him under wraps for now and then wait and see what happens!” she laughed. “He’s a bit shy, he’s a bit shy!” 

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