Big Brother’s Jules: “Reggie Must Have a Thing Against Strong Women”

jules Rangiheuea big brother intruder

Chatting to The Latch over the phone following her eviction from Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders, intruder Jules Rangiheuea said that it was all still “a bit too fresh”, while talking about her eviction.

After aligning herself with the OGs, Rangiheuea soon found herself the target of those same OGs, specifically Reggie Bird. Bird felt that it was wrong for intruders to make it further into the game than her friend and Big Brother ally, Farmer Dave Graham, who was evicted at the last eviction ceremony, and set her sights on evicting Rangiheuea.

Rangiheuea, for her part, felt that this was “so unfair”.

“I was so loyal to the OGs, until literally, it came to my demise,” she said. “I never voted against them, ever. If anything I’d just try to win challenges to vote the newbies out.”

In fact, Rangiheuea didn’t even realise the OGs were targeting her until she overheard them talking strategy while she was hiding in the closet.

“I didn’t realise they were out for my blood so hard!” she exclaimed. “I was so shocked — it wasn’t until I heard Reggie was out for blood that I retaliated.”

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Her retaliation plan? To shift the target to Bird, a fan favourite and one of Australia’s most beloved players.

“The move was played way too early, I get that, but I had literally nowhere else to go,” she explained.

The Good Bitch podcast host hustled, trying to convince her fellow housemates that if they found themselves in the top three with Bird, that they would inevitably lose to her.

“I was like ‘you know what, I’m just gonna start planting the seed to make people realise that if you’re in the top three with Reggie, guess who’s gonna win? You’re not winning. If you’re in the top three with an intruder who isn’t really liked, guess what, you’re probably gonna win!’” she recalled. “I was just trying to make people see that point of view.”

Of course, the housemates didn’t budge, and Rangiheuea was sent packing. As for why Bird wanted Rangiheuea out so badly?

“She must have a thing against strong women, hey!” Rangiheuea exclaimed. “Obviously the wounds are a bit too fresh, but you know, she obviously had it out for Lara [Kamper] and then for me and Gabbie [Keevill] — I don’t know, there seems to be a pattern here with strong women. Maybe it’s just that old-school mentality. It’s interesting.”

She added: “I mean, we love Reg, and so. We. Should. But it was just an interesting pattern I noticed.”

Of course, another possible reason was Rangiheuea’s unbreakable bond with OG housemate Estelle Landy.

“I think they all knew that Estelle would always side with me, and that is bad for Reggie’s game,” Rangiheuea said.

Rangiheuea went into the game hoping to become the first intruder in Big Brother history to win the game. Having experienced it firsthand, she describes the “uphill battle” that is life as an intruder on Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders.

“It is so much harder than the average housemate,” she said. “It’s almost like being the new kid at school and never finding your core friendship group. No matter how hard you tried, you were never there from day one, and that’s truly what it felt like.”

Still, Rangiheuea knew that going into the house as an intruder would come with unique challenges, so her mindset was to go into the house “more for a good time than a long time”.

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“I definitely don’t have the personality to fly under the radar, and unfortunately for me I can’t shut the fuck up, so yes, I knew I was just going to give it a nudge,” she said, laughing.

As for whether she thinks an intruder could ever win Big Brother Australia, she said maybe, but it would have to be under specific circumstances.

“I think the only way an intruder would win is if they have such a huge following on the outside that they already have that public backing,” she explained.

“I don’t think it would be possible in our season because you’re going up against the OGs, and wow they have such a loyal following. I think it is possible, but not against the OGs,” she said.

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