Become a Virtual Housemate In a New ‘Big Brother’ Online Game

Big Brother

If you wanted to audition for Big Brother this year or even did and didn’t make it through, we might just have the next best thing for you.

A Big Brother simulation game is coming to a device near you and it’s said to be just like the real thing.

Just like Kieran Davidson, you too could experience the psychological torture of being a virtual housemate.

Big Brother: The Game will be released on October 15 on the Apple App Store, Google Play and at bigbrother.game, and you can win actual prize money.

Not only is it based on the show, but it looks and feels like The Sims — only, rather than creating characters to play, the player is actually you.

“With a life-changing prize fund up for grabs, anyone anywhere can win the world’s first massively multi-player online reality TV show,” the game’s developer, 9th Impact said in a statement.

You can create your perfect houseguest with a range of pre-set options, rock some customisable clothes, make friends and alliances, do house chores and even vote to evict.

As the website says, you can “make your own drama, comedy or psycho-social documentary and let your audience watch your unscripted interactions with real Housemates”.

Players will also make a strategic choice in order to remain in the house and just like the show, you will have to navigate social psychological and interpersonal stumbling blocks to win.

And even though they claim they’re not there for the followers, just like being in the house, you can grow your followers too. There are live streams and the most active Houses get floated to the top of viewers recommendations. Unreal.

If you’re keen to sign up, you can apply here or find out how the program works, here.

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