Farmer Dave on Why He Tried to Vote Himself Out and Why Reggie Should Win

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From the moment the first four Big Brother royals — ‘Farmer’ Dave Graham, Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer and Estelle Landy — set foot in the house for Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders, it was clear to Farmer Dave what the dynamic would be.

Likening the situation to a family on a road trip, Graham said very early on, he and Bird became “Mum and Dad”, and that Dormer and Landy were like “two twins in the back always fighting over space”.

Speaking to The Latch over the phone following his eviction from the house, Graham said that he has no regrets about his time in the house, or his attempt to vote himself out.

“Whenever I vote, it’s always a case of ‘who needs this more?’,” he explained, “because the Big Brother experience is a once in a lifetime, or if you’re me, twice in a lifetime experience.”

When it came time to vote, Graham explained, he said that he felt he’d gotten everything he needed out of his second Big Brother experience, especially in comparison with Bird and Landy, who were up for eviction against him.

“When it came to that vote, Reggie’s still got so much more that she can give to the house and so much more that Australia needs to see,” Graham said, “likewise with Estelle, whereas with myself, I’d run my laps.”

“It really is a period of time where you can really self-reflect, check in with yourself, find out if you’re happy with who you are as a person, that you’re doing what you wanna do with your life,” Graham explained. “You can really work out where you are and what you wanna do, but also, you know, being able to win challenges and push yourself.”

Graham and Bird had only met in passing at Big Brother events over the years, Graham said that they “always felt like [they] were best mates” on social media. As soon as they were in the house together, though, they knew they “were destined to be best mates forever”.

While they may have been fast friends, and the Mum and Dad of the house, one thing they weren’t — in Graham’s eyes, anyway — was a Big Brother power couple.

“I find it so funny when people call us a power couple, because it always felt like we were old fuddy-duddies from Iowa with our visors and our fanny packs, just arrived in Las Vegas amongst the bright lights and the crazy kids!” he said, laughing. “It’s hilarious that people called us that!”

As for whether he thinks Bird can go all the way? Graham says “absolutely”.

“She is a strong, resilient Australian, and she epitomises all that is good in Aussies,” Graham said, adding: “I reckon she can definitely do it”.

Graham credited her social game, and noted that she’s been “rocking it at the challenges” and doing better with each challenge, “which means she’s firing.”

“That’s why I felt like I could leave her,” he said. “Because she’d really started to come into her own. She didn’t need my protection, or my guidedog duties, so I reckon she can absolutely go all the way.”

“She’s got that resilience within her — with all her life’s trials and tribulations behind her — to give her the motivation she needs to get there to the Final Three,” he said. “I hope that if she makes it that far that Australia gets behind her and gives her that second gong.”

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