Introducing: The Cast of ‘Big Brother’ Australia 2021

Big Brother

Big Brother Australia is returning to Channel 7 in 2021, with a house that promises to be full of more secrets and challenges than ever before.

Host Sonia Kruger is back for the new season, tantalising viewers with hints as to what they can expect.

“Obviously you’ve seen from that promo that the show is bigger and there are more secret rooms,” she said to 7 News.

“But it’s the cast though, it’s the people in the house that I think will really intrigue you this year. They come out playing the game hard right from the very first episode.”

As in previous years, the housemates will be competing for $250,000 prize money along with a shot at the type of homegrown fame former Big Brother competitors have gone on to enjoy.

So, who are the people subjecting themselves to 24-hour scrutiny and isolation from the outside world? Let’s meet them!

Mary Kalifatidis, 56, VIC

Instagram @maryykala


Sarah Jane Adams, 65, NSW

Instagram @saramaijewels.

Sarah Jane

Daniel, 48, Geelong

Instagram: @daniel_hayes3

Melissa, 33, South Australia

Instagram: @mel_mcgorman

Brenton, 31, NSW

Instagram: @brentonbalicki 

Tilly, 21, NSW

Instagram: @tillywhitfeld

Nick, 29, SA

Instagram: @ollgregg


Nick BB


Katie, 27, NSW

Instagram: @katiewilliams

Marley, 25, Melbourne

Instagram: @marleeyb

Charlotte, 24, QLD

Instagram: @thecharlottehall

Sid, 34, WA

Instagram: @sidpattni

Renata, 45, SA

Instagram: @renatabub_

Michael, 29, WA

Instagram: @michael.james.brown

Mitchell, 26, QLD

Instagram: @mitchoi

Jess, 28, VIC

Instagram: @jessstrend

Max, 29, QLD

Instagram: @max_beattie

Christina, 22, VIC

Instagram: @podolyano

Christopher, 37, QLD

Instagram: @realchristopherwayne

Ari, 22, NSW

Instagram: @ari.kimber1

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