All the Rules Housemates Must Follow in the Big Brother Australia House

Big Brother

Now we’re into the full swing of Big Brother Australia, it’s safe to say that we’re highly invested in the lives of the housemates.

With Angela Clancy now segregated to a secret bunker, she has dished the dirt on what goes on in the house — including some very intriguing rules when it comes to the bedrooms and the bathroom.

While Big Brother himself is the ultimate rule-maker of the house, the housemates themselves have imposed a few restrictions as well.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia after her move to the bunker, Clancy shared some of the lines which aren’t meant to be crossed.

Rule #1: You must sleep in your own bed

“We weren’t allowed to sleep together, apart from the sneaky here and there of Sophie [Budack] and Chad [Hurst],’ Clancy told the outlet. “But they didn’t sleep together, they were actually not allowed to sleep a whole night.”

Rule #2: Housemates must sleep in their clothes

According to Clancy, housemates never go to bed naked, out of respect to one another.

Rule #3: When the females are showering, it’s a male no-go zone.

“We made rules, such as when the girls are having a shower no boys were allowed to walk through the corridor. The house was very respectful,” she said during the interview.

Even though this rule was in place, during the ball task on Tuesday’s episode, both Sarah and Sophie had to run from the bathroom to the outdoor area to catch their balls.

But, Clancy reassured that it’s still “a family show”.

“It’s a family show, and this is the kind of show I wanted to associate myself with because I have a very strong Christian faith and I’m a mum. I didn’t want to compromise who I am or my morals,” she explained to the outlet.

Other Rules We’ve Learned from Big Brother Himself

Rule #4: Housemates can enter the house with one suitcase only

Everything else was allocated by Big Brother.

Rule #5: Housemates only get 60 minutes of hot water per 24 hours

Imagine sharing 60 minutes between 18 housemates!

Rule #6: There are no hairdryers allowed

Housemates were not permitted to bring hairdryers in the house, however, they were allowed to have hair straighteners and electric shavers.

Rule #7: Housemates are not allowed to sleep during the day

After the ball challenge, this would have been rough.

Rule #8: Housemates are provided basic rations only, unless they win a challenge

Remember #TeaGate? Clancy wasn’t allowed any tea until the house won their first grocery challenge. The basic rations cover $8 and 1,300 calories per person, per day.

Other Rules According to the Universal Big Brother Handbook

According to Big Brother fandom, there are some pretty strict rules when it comes to the show.

☆ Housemates can have no contact with the outside world.

☆ All housemates must wear microphone lapels at all times, except when swimming or sleeping.

☆ Conversations in the Diary Room should always stay confidential. No one should ever share such conversations with other houseguests unless told to do so.

☆ Whispering inside the house is strictly prohibited. (Whispering is defined as talking too softly for a microphone to detect)

☆ Housemates should never intimidate, threaten or act violently towards any other housemate.

☆ Tasks are compulsory, but housemates may be permitted to refrain from participating where health or other reasons are accepted by Big Brother.

☆ Covering or tampering microphones or cameras, writing secret messages, talking under hidden places (such as bedding, tables and beds) are strictly prohibited.

☆ Production has the sole discretion over what to broadcast and what not to broadcast.

☆ The following items are forbidden inside the house:

— Drugs and narcotics

— Weapons

— Money or credit cards

— Mobile phones

— TVs, Computers, or Gaming Devices

— Magazines

— Books, aside from official religious texts

— Pens, paper, writing pads or any similar writing implements (unless provided by Big Brother)

— Any item requiring electrical or battery power

— Music players

So far, we haven’t seen anyone smuggle anything into the house — well, besides Clancy using her bra to keep her own personal stock of English Breakfast Tea…

Big Brother continues Sunday at 7.00 pm and Monday and Tuesday at 7.30 pm, only on Channel 7.

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