When Is the Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders Finale?

big brother 2022 finale australia royalty vs new contenders

To say that Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders has been a wild ride so far would be an understatement.

We’ve watched on as Big Brother Australia legends like Reggie Bird, Trevor Butler and Tim Dormer rejoined the house as Royals, or OGs, as they prefer to be called.

Then, Big Brother dropped a Tully Smyth-shaped bomb on them all — just after her former Big Brother love, Anthony Drew, began hooking up with New Contender Sam Manovski.

The twists and turns didn’t end there, of course. Next thing you knew, we were saying hello to intruders, and goodbye to some of our most beloved players, like Farmer Dave Graham, and now, we’re down to the pointy end of the competition, as our remaining OGs go up against the newbies in the hopes of being named the winner of Big Brother Australia 2022.

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By now, we’re heavily invested. Could Bird or Dormer become the very first two-time winner of Big Brother Australia? Or will a newbie like Aleisha Campbell or Johnson Ashak take out the title?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to watch the finale. So when is it?

The Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders Live Finale will air on Tuesday, 12 July at 7.30pm, only on 7 and 7 Plus.

Held at Sydney’s iconic Hordern Pavilion in front of a massive live audience, Sonia Kruger will reunite all the housemates from the season, where they can reminisce on their time in the house, and where the Final Three will make their final plea for your vote.

Then, the winner of this year’s competition will be announced, and score a whopping $250,000 for the honour!

Even better, if you’re in Sydney, or feel like travelling to Sydney, you could score tickets to attend the live finale on the night. In order to score tickets, head to thatstheticket.com.au and register your interest in attending. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll snag tickets, but it puts you in the running!

Check back here closer to the date and we’ll have all the information you need on how to vote for the 2022 winner of Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders.

Until then, Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders airs Monday — Wednesdays at 7.30pm, only on 7 and 7 Plus.

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