Mark Your Calendars! Here’s When Big Brother Australia Is Set to Premiere

Big Brother

The return of Big Brother is by far one of the most highly-anticipated television events to happen in 2020.

And with such a rocky start to the year, the promise of a brand-new and exciting format for the popular TV series is certainly something to look forward to.

Maybe you’re excited by twenty strangers living in one compound, having to work out how to live in the country’s largest share house or maybe it’s the promise of their personalities clashing at any given moment. No matter the reason that you’re turning on, Big Brother Australia is coming… and soon.

Mark your calendars, because Big Brother starts on Monday, June 8!


In times gone by, we could log onto our dial-up-internet connection and watch the housemates live around a pool and sunbake. We could even eavesdrop conversations and determine who our favourites were before voting lines opened and we decided whose time it was to go.

But alas, this year, in perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the brand new format, the reboot will be pre-recorded.

While not ideal for nostalgic audiences, the move makes a lot of sense, considering the “turkey-slapping” incident which ended the Network Ten program in 2006.

But that’s not the only thing that will change because Channel 7 also announced a brand-new first for Big Brother in Australia — housemates will nominate and then evict each other from the house and one will go, every. single. day.

Even though there’s a new format, we know it’s going to be as addictive as ever.

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