Everything We Know So Far About the Big Brother 2020 Reboot

Big Brother

Big Brother is always watching and in the case of the reboot, so will we.

Officially returning in 2020, the reality TV show is coming back (this time on Channel 7) with a new location, and a brand new format. Sort of.

BB would be nothing without interesting people and we’re almost certain the cast is going to be a diverse bunch of housemates.

While there is sure to be some controversy, like Merlin’s 2004 refugee protest — we’re hoping that instead of a silent protest, we see some intelligent conversation surrounding important issues.

So ahead of its anticipated launch (exact date TBC), here is everything we know about the Big Brother reboot, which is sure to spark conversation and divide the country.

When will Big Brother 2020 air?

It looks like Big Brother will air around the second week of June.

On April 30, Channel 7 announced that the hit show will be returning in “six weeks” time.

“Twenty years ago, nine people entered a purpose-built house to be watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Big Brother and it changed Australian TV forever.

“This June, Big Brother is back. He’s been watching. And, he’s ready to play.”

What will the housemates win?

After announcing the first housemate — 30-year-old tradie Mat from Broken Hill — Channel 7 also revealed a very hefty prize amount.

The winner of Big Brother Australia 2020 will get a whopping $250,000 payday for outlasting their competitors.

What does the Big Brother House Look Like?

Channel 7 has released footage of a futuristic and colourful brand new Big Brother house, while simultaneously debuting “Big Brother’s” voice.

In the teaser video released by the network on April 26, we were whisked through a fantastical tour of the living room, dining room, garden, swimming pool, and games area, and the debut of a brand new diary room.

Gone is the iconic big red chair where contestants gather to talk to Big Brother, which has now been replaced with a circular pod.

And the Host is…Sonia Kruger!

For fans of the original series (not the 2012 Channel 9 reboot), the biggest drawcard was, of course, Gretel Killeen, however, after Sonia Kruger left Channel 9, all eyes were on her to be the next host.

In an announcement made by Channel 7, along with a fancy new campaign, Kruger was named as host.

“Housemates have been selected and ready to play in a house full of surprises on the edge of the world,” the new campaign read. “New house tasks, new house challenges, unlike anything Australia has seen before.

“The game has changed.”

When news broke of the show’s return in 2019, fans assumed that the network’s newest recruit, Kruger would host the show, however, when network boss James Warburton announced her responsibilities after she jumped ship from Channel Nine, BB2020 was not included the line-up.

Around the same time, in a chat with TV Tonight, Channel 7 Director of Programming Angus Ross confirmed there would be a host, but not which host.

“It’s very important that fans of the show feel that there are a lot of loved elements that they recognise about this new version,” the spokesperson said.

“So we hope there’ll be lots of nostalgic touches as well as tons of fresh and entertaining surprises too.”

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Who are the Contestants?

According to channel 7, the contestants range in age from 19 to 61. You can find the cast list here.

The Show Is Pre-Recorded

In times gone by, we could log onto our dial-up-internet connection and watch the housemates live around a pool and sunbake.

We could eavesdrop conversations and determine who our favourites were before voting lines opened and we decided whose time it was to go.

But now, in perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the brand new format, the reboot will be pre-recorded.

While not ideal for nostalgic audiences, the move makes a lot of sense, considering the “turkey-slapping” incident which ended the Network Ten program in 2006.

But that’s not the only thing that will change.

While announcing new contestant Marissa Rankin, Channel 7 also announced a brand-new first for Big Brother.

“For the first time in Australian Big Brother, Housemates will nominate and then evict each other from the house,” they said. And it won’t be live.

Speaking to news.com.au in December last year, an anonymous production member from the original team said that this format would be “disastrous” for the show.

“It’s the whole spirit of Big Brother, airing it live,” the source told the outlet.

“In this era of digital channels, streaming and online viewing, there’s so much potential to make it a truly 24-hour, live, immersive viewing experience.

“Filming it and showing it a few months later is just weird.”

Big Brother
Endemol Shine

The Australian Public Will Be Involved In Some Way

One of the best things about the original program was the Australian public’s involvement in the outcome.

It was a popularity contest with the most outlandish personalities either getting booted first or making it all the way to the finale. There was no in-between.

According to the new footage, released on April 26, Australia will still have the chance to “decide”, however, we still have no new details on how.

And then on April 30, Channel 7 released some more information.

“In six weeks, Big Brother welcomes Housemates into his brand new house. You can’t imagine the world he’s created for them. One by one they will leave. But you’ll be surprised at what they’ll do to stay.”

While it won’t be live voting, a spokesperson from Endemol Shine told news.com.au last year that “the public will still play a major role in the show”.

“We are definitely refreshing the format and updating elements to bring the viewing experience right up to date,” they told the outlet.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about this, and again we’ll reveal more in due course, but we can confirm that Australia will decide the winner.” Perhaps a live finale like The Block?

There’s A New Filming Location

After news broke that Dreamworld’s Big Brother house burnt down in May, fans were devastated that such an iconic building was destroyed.

Weeks before it burned to the ground, a video was released of the house which had now become eerily derelict and abandoned.

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Despite the house burning down, it looks like the Gold Coast wasn’t the first on Endemol’s list anyway, due to production costs.

According to TV Blackbox, the exact location of the new series has been revealed as Sydney’s North Head Sanctuary, a.k.a The Barracks, which is the same location used by Network Ten’s The Biggest Loser Australia: Couples.

“There are two possible locations within the precinct the could facilitate the production,” the outlet revealed.

The first possible location is the ‘Artillery Shed’.

The Shed is “big enough to build an entire house inside with camera runs to allow filming from all angles.”

The second possibility, and according to the site “more likely”, is the ‘Artillery Gym’, due to its much larger space at 842.7 m².

The location also allows for tight security, with restricted access.

Quite frankly, we cannot wait for the new edition of Big Brother.

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