Big Brother’s Allan Liang Is Already Prepping For a Big Brother All-Stars

Big Brother

It was time to go Allan Liang — the second housemate evicted from Big Brother 2020.

In the ultimate blindside, Liang was sent packing with 12 (out of 15) votes against him after talking up the fact that he thought fellow housemate, Kieran Richardson, would be going home.

Throughout the eviction process, the Sydney salesman was confident that he would be staying, however, when the votes came in — it was goodbye BB house.

“I never had any arguments with anybody,” Liang said in an interview with TheLatch— after his eviction.

“Like, Allan [referring to himself] was playing the game obviously but this was truly the biggest blindside. I didn’t have a single inkling throughout the day that a target was on my back because everyone told me, ‘nah, nah, Kieran is gone’, so I didn’t think I had to do the whole Presidential campaign to save myself.”

Here, Liang talks to TheLatch— about strategy, what Big Brother housemate Ian Joass is really like, and how he’s already begun prepping for a Big Brother All Stars.

Big Brother

Anita Lyons: Hi Alan, congratulations for making into the house and we’re sorry to see you leave so soon! Garth was the one who nominated you, do you guys get along?

Allan Liang: I had no idea Garth did any of that, but I’ve had a chat with him since we left the house and he said it was about my personality, it was more the fact that I was extremely popular and people knew that I am a threat.

If I was versing Allan, I would want to get Allan out too because I would want to get to the finals and Australia is going to choose a winner.

I actually met Garth at the auditions. He sat next to me. Normally in the process, whoever you sit with or whoever is in your group — there’s never two or three who get through. [During the process] He had told me everything about his gameplay, so when I got into the house and recognised him, he automatically freaked out because I think he was probably thinking, ‘what information have I given him?’ and I guess he acted upon them and you know what, it’s all done and dusted.

AL: I really loved the way you were so nice to the new housemates. That was a really good move on your behalf.

ALiang: I think Sophie said: “I am nominating Allan because he seems so ingenuine [sic] and is trying to be friends with everyone.”

Well, yeh. I was trying to be friends with everyone. Do you want me to have an argument with you? There’s no need for that.

AL: So, after these first two episodes, Australia have really fallen in love with Ian [Joass]. What was he really like in the house?

ALiang: Oh my god. I didn’t realise the whole of Australia was into that. I thought someone like Angela [Clancy] would be popular even though she’s obviously a lot to deal with.

It’s very hard to chat with him. His brain is wired differently and I don’t have any common interests with him at all. I’m not into rocks, or plants, or reptiles or spiders… but hey, I’m a social person. I said in my audition that I’m a social chameleon and I can talk to anyone in any situation. Just because I’m talking to you, doesn’t mean I’m getting along with you. Like a “good morning” and a “hello” is for free.

AL: You truly have no filter…

ALiang: I’ve seen every season of Big Brother and I’ve even seen the American and Canadian versions, and because of the concept and how everything has changed, I just really couldn’t be myself in front of them without playing the game. I was only ever myself on that diary room chair because you could tell BB anything.

AL: I can certainly see why you were chosen as a housemate, but why did you apply and what do you think made you a good housemate?

ALiang: There are so many reasons. BB doesn’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry into the Big Brother house. They find the best of the best and you know what? They found me.

I am the best. Obviously I am a very big personality. I’ve got a lot to say and I’m very opinionated but in the heart of it all, I’m a nice person. It may not come across that way, but I am.

I think it might be my delivery. I am very competitive and obviously there’s the diversity thing — the whole multicultural element as I am an Australian-born Chinese, and I have good values and beliefs. It’s a whole package with me. A lot of people just say I got in because I am Asian, but there are hundreds of thousands of other Asians in Australia that didn’t get in.

Big Brother

AL: There was obviously some tension between you and Kieran. He is also playing a very strong strategic game. Besides the housemates telling you they were going to pick him, why did you have it out for him?

ALiang: This whole new concept is basically “Survivor in a warehouse” or I always say, “Survivor in a shoebox” because all of the shots on TV make it look like a bloody mansion but it really is the size of my backyard.

With every eviction, no matter who is up, they go for the strongest one. When Laura [Coriakula] went last night, it wasn’t because she is an introvert or that she didn’t connect with people. No one wants to connect with people. You’re there to play a game. You’re not there to build these long-lasting relationships.

I guess Kieran survived my one because Kieran is just a number. Don’t get me wrong, he plays the game in his own way. But no matter how he plays the game, no one is going to listen to him because he’s never had power.

This is why I strategically aligned myself with Angela, Kieran and some of the other housemates because I knew that I needed some numbers and I needed to start hanging out with people who would actually listen to me.

AL: That’s very smart! Now that you’ve had a chance to watch, is there anyone who is being portrayed as something that they’re not?

ALiang: No, not at. Like last night (episode one), you never saw Casey and you never saw Xavier. Why? Because they didn’t do much. There were a few people that didn’t do anything, and that’s why they haven’t been featured.

AL: So, now that you’ve been evicted, who do you think is going to win?

ALiang: I got asked that in the car when they were driving me away from the house and all I could see was Sonia [Kruger] announcing me as the winner. It’s all I could see.

Maybe Matty [Garrick] and Daniel [Gorringe] are two very strong players.

AL: I guess I’m also very curious about your living arrangements. You’re 31 and have never lived out of home until now. Now that you’ve had a taste of the high life, do you think you’ll move out?

ALiang: Moving out of home? No, no, no. Moving out of home, I had a taste of it and that’s all I ever needed. Truth be told, if I really wanted to move out, of course, I could do it. It’s sink or swim. But for me, why would I want to move out? I milk it for what it’s worth, they’ve tried kicking me out but I’m the number one son.

AL: You’re a salesman, but not that you’ve been on TV, are you thinking a change of career might be in order?

ALiang: TV is not something I want to pursue but if I could build a platform where “Allan” can just be himself, then there are endless possibilities. I’m really gunning for an All-Stars series in a few years — because that’s normally how the contest works, but it won’t be the last time you’ll see Allan, I’ll tell you that much!

Big Brother Australia continues Monday-Wednesday only on Channel 7.

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