Could Master Strategist Tim Dormer Become Big Brother’s First Two-Time Winner?

tim dormer big brother royalty vs new contenders 2022 cast

When Tim Dormer entered the Big Brother Australia house in 2013, he quickly became a fan favourite, for his strategic mind and chaotic shenanigans — who could forget him yelling “DID YOU GET THAT, TULLY?” from the Diary Room while nominating her?

Then, Dormer entered Big Brother’s house in Canada, where made it to the final three, despite being the target of his housemates for the entire duration of his stay in the house.

Now, Dormer is back to do it all again on Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenderswhere he hopes to make history as the first two-time winner of the series.

In his pre-show Q&A, Dormer noted that Big Brother is a “once in a lifetime experience” for most, so being invited back for a third time was a motivating factor in his decision to return to the house.

“After getting to the finale in Big Brother Canada in 2016 and forfeiting the final challenge, I feel I have unfinished business,” he said. “I want to be the only person in the world to have won Big Brother twice!”

It’s not all about winning, though. Dormer went on to say that he also wants to show Australia how he has “grown and changed since the first time playing”.

“I’m older and wiser but will bring the same tenacious spirit,” he explained.

Given that “it’s such a different game now”, though, Dormer knows he’s going to have to shake up his strategy this year, and it might mean seeing him play a more under-the-radar game than in previous seasons.

“When I played, I played big because I knew the audience would likely save me each week to keep me on the show,” he explained.

Coming into the house as a Big Brother Royal, Dormer said, is quite the double-edged sword.

“I think I have the record of being the only person in Australia who has lived in the Big Brother house for the longest time, so I have some experience with being cut off from the world in the pressure cooker that is this house,” he said of the advantages.

On the other hand, though, is the massive target on his back.

“The other players [know] my reputation for being a strategic mastermind who the Australian public already voted once to win,” he shared. “I will have to try convincing them that I have no idea what I’m doing this time around and win their trust with my charm!”

Of course, Dormer won’t be the only housemate with a target on his back, with fellow winners Reggie Bird and Trevor Butler also re-entering the house, alongside fan favourites like Farmer Dave Graham, Tully Smyth and Estelle Landy.

Speaking to TV Week, Dormer said that he was more excited to see some of the returning housemates more than others.

“The producers asked me if there was anyone I wouldn’t want to do the show with… I said Tully,” Dormer shared, laughing. “It’s like we’re brother and sister, I love her like family but gosh does she press my buttons.”

After riding his “15 minutes of fame”, Dormer took a step back from life in the public eye, and began working as a disability support worker.

“I always was ready to hop off when it didn’t feel right or people stopped caring about me. I didn’t feel like I was clinging onto it. That happened a few years ago, I just wasn’t having fun anymore,” Dormer said.

Two years later, though, Dormer feels ready to reintroduce himself to Australia.

“I know myself a lot better now,” he said. “I mean, last time I did this, I wasn’t out as a gay man. I feel a lot more comfortable now in my own skin and I’m really excited to use my platform in a way that’s positive and meaningful.”

Will Dormer be able to go all the way? Only time will tell. Until then…

Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders airs Monday – Wednesdays, only on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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