Big Brother’s Sam Manovski: “Telling the Truth Is Not Drew’s Forte”

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When Sam Manovski entered the house for Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders, her plan was to play her own game and not get involved with anyone romantically. Of course, that all went out the window when she laid eyes on “dreamboat” Drew Anthony.

On the surface, things seemed to be going well for the lovebirds as they navigated the Tully-shaped wrench Big Brother threw in the works, and continued getting to know each other on in-house dates. Little did Manovski know, though, Drew had hatched a plan with fellow housemate Joel Notley to eliminate the women they were romantically involved with.

The plan was that in order to keep their own hands clean, the pair would form an alliance that would mean Notley would vote out Manovski on Drew’s behalf, and Drew would vote out Notley’s love interest Aleisha Campbell.

Speaking to The Latch over the phone following her eviction from the house, Manovski said that she was “so angry” when she found out that the deal was real.

“I was actually really hurt, and really triggered and quite emotional,” she said, adding that she “had a little bit of a cry”.

“I didn’t know it was real up until I saw the episode,” she said, explaining that even once they were both out of the house and dating in the real world, Drew continued to insist that the deal wasn’t about her.

“He kept saying that it wasn’t about me, it was about the OGs, and he would constantly remind me, like, ‘if Joel thinks that was about you he’d be stupid to think that way’,” she said.

Manovski dated Drew “for about a month” after the show, before realising that they were “very different people” in the real world. When she saw the episode for herself, she said that she “was really shocked” to see how it had all played out.

“My whole Big Brother experience was based on this really strong and fun connection that I had,” she explained, adding that she’s trying not to let it taint the memories she has of her time on the show.

“I’m really trying hard not to have regrets because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I really wanna be happy with my experience in the house, but of course, there’s so many things I would’ve done differently,” she said.

One thing she doesn’t understand is “why he would wait until the episode aired to tell the truth”.

Instead, Manovski said, she wishes he would’ve “had the balls to be honest” with her about it all.

“It kind of just reflects for me some really undesirable and unattractive character traits,” she said, adding: “Yeah. He’s not my type at all. Like, at all.”

“Look,” she continued. “I know we were playing a game, I get that, but that’s kind of a low blow, to make a deal like that about someone you’re intimately and romantically involved with. The game shouldn’t take away your integrity like that, but I guess that’s where Drew’s integrity lies, if that makes sense. He doesn’t seem to have a lot.”

Calling it a “cowardly act”, Manovski posited that “with guys like Drew, telling the truth is not his forte”.

If there’s a silver lining to be found in all of it, it’s the friendship Manovski has developed with Tim Dormer, who tried to tell Manovski about the deal while they were in the house.

“It caused a massive rivalry with Tim who is now one of my closest friends from the Big Brother experience,” Manovski said, adding: “I’ve owned my part, he’s owned his part, we have the maturity to be open and honest with each other. It’s not something that Drew values.”

Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders airs at 7.30pm Monday — Wednesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus.

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