Big Brother Australia: Does Lulu Oliveira Have What It Takes to Go All the Way?

lulu big brother royalty vs new contenders 2022 cast

Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders is in full swing, and this season is set to be one of the best yet.

This season, our New Contenders have to go up against some of the most beloved people in Big Brother Australia‘s history, including past winners Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer and Trevor Butler. With such fierce competition, this season is set to be one of the toughest yet for our new crop of housemates.

Luciana “Lulu” Oliveira believes she’s up for the challenge. Originally hailing from Brazil, Oliveira has since relocated to Brisbane, where she lives with her husband of 12 years and their two ginger rescue cats Leo and Chester.

In her pre-show Q&A, Oliveira said that her strengths on Big Brother would be “[her] discipline, [her] way of handling different people, conversations and situations” as well as her “attention to detail” and her ability to see “the good in every situation”.

On the other hand, Olivera described herself as “short fused at times”, which could be detrimental during her time in the house.

For Oliveira, being on Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders is “truly a dream come true”, as she’s been a longtime fan of the show.

“I’ve watched Big Brother in Brazil since it started in 2002 and have been fascinated about it,” she said.

As for what kind of housemate she thought she’d be, Oliveira said that she was expecting to be “the energetic, fun and loud housemate”.

She added: “I will also be the one who sets the rules for an organised and clean house”.

Overall, Oliveira is looking forward to “having fun, enjoying the pool and sunshine in that stunning house, meeting [her] housemates and talking to Big Brother” while in the house, and hopefully at the end of it all, she’ll be voted the winner of Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders.

Does she have what it takes to go all the way? Only time will tell. Until then…

Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders airs Monday – Wednesdays, only on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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