Big Brother’s Estelle Landy Shares Her Emotional Journey With Chronic Pain

Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders is back, and this year, there are plenty of familiar faces — including past winners Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer and Trevor Butler — back in the mix.

One of those familiar faces is Estelle Landy, who is positively infamous in the world of Big Brother Australia.

If you’re out of the loop, Landy holds the record for receiving a whopping 19 votes in a single night, and is considered one of the most polarising housemates the show has ever seen.

It wasn’t just that one week that her housemates wanted her evicted, though. Over the course of her time in the house during season nine, Landy racked up a total of 89 votes, making her one of the most nominated housemates in Big Brother Australia history.

Despite her housemates wanting her out of the house, Landy won the hearts of the Australian voters, who saved her from nine evictions.

Now, Landy is back, and ready to do it all again. In her pre-show Q&A, Landy said that she wants to show people “that you don’t have to be exactly the same as everyone else in who you are to have fun on reality TV”.

“I learnt so much about myself and general human behaviour last time,” she explained. “I’ve come from nothing and have since created a great life for myself and want to show others they are capable of that too. That we are in charge of our destiny. That we too can be strong and confident in this world.”

With “experience” and “a general idea of what to expect” on her side, Landy said that this time, she plans to be “just be a little more careful of [her] empathetic, sensitive heart.”

“I love and care a lot and have some very strong beliefs of how people should be treated well,” she shared. “But I also won’t let anyone push me around or try to manipulate me to get a result. I’ll try to carry more confidence in general and prove you can just be yourself in there.”

It’s been 10 years since Landy appeared on Big Brother Australia, but her resilience has been on full display during her time on Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders, just as it was back in 2012.

In an effort to save her fellow OG housemates, Landy endured a brutal test of physical strength and endurance when Big Brother challenged them to hold a box full of balls closed over their heads. Last one standing, wins.


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The challenge may have looked simple enough, but soon enough, the burning pain seared through the arms of the housemates, causing them to drop out, one by one.

It was an especially tough challenge for Landy, though. As the challenge began, Big Brother was quick to call out that Landy looked like she was in pain already.

“It’s because I’ve got dodgy wrists,” she replied.

“I take it you don’t like upper arm challenges, Estelle,” said Big Brother.

“No, I couldn’t use my hands for two years, Big Brother,” she replied. “Plus a double spinal fracture, snowboarding, I couldn’t hold a spoon.”

Soon enough, though, the Big Brother OGs dropped out of the challenge, and Landy found herself as the last remaining Royal, going up against three New Contenders.

“Think of your people,” said Farmer Dave Graham, encouraging her to keep going, lest the OGs find themselves up for eviction.

“I’m thinking of Reggie,” she replied, “and how far she’s pushed through her entire life, and still does — every challenge, doesn’t complain, doesn’t make us treat her any differently. She’s the strongest person in this house. This is where I have to stand up for her.”

Finally, after two hours and 55 minutes, the final New Contender — challenge beast Joel Notley — dropped out of the challenge, leaving Landy the victor.

On social media, Landy opened up about the snowboarding accident that left her in need of in-home care, and how she managed to push through the pain to win the challenge.


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“What the actual eff!!?” she wrote on Instagram. “How did I do that? Two hours and 55 minutes of 8-10 pain. That was until something came over me and I knew I had no choice other than winning.”

Crediting Bird once again as her motivation, Landy explained: “She just keeps on keeping on, no matter how hard life gets she keeps going. I knew I had to, to protect my OGs.”

Landy shared that after her accident, she suffered for two years.

“I lost my job, my horse riding, I had in home care because I couldn’t cook or clean for myself,” she explained. “Weekly I would just cry because I was sure I’d have pain for the rest of my life.. I couldn’t even hold a spoon.”

“Pain is a real silent beast so many struggle with and because people can’t see a broken leg (especially if it’s mental health) they just don’t always get it,” Landy said, adding: “I was bullied at my 13 year job because they thought I was ‘making it up, what a primma-Donna [sic]'”.

She continued: “Anyway, to anyone who has ever suffered in silence or out loud. I hear and feel you and know that your mind is still one of THE strongest things that you can overcome. BIG LOVE AND GRL PWRRRR YO. X”

Will Landy be able to go all the way and be voted the winner of Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders? Only time will tell. Until then…

Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders airs Monday – Wednesdays, only on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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