Big Brother’s Tilly Whitfield Said She’s Used to Being Underestimated

tilly whitfield big brother

According to Tilly Whitfield — a communications student that hails from Sydney’s Northern Beaches — she’s used to being underestimated. She calls herself “book smart, street dumb”, but plans to use this to her advantage in the house. Think Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (one of her role models, along with Paris Hilton), if she was on a reality TV show.

And like Elle Woods, she’s got a chihuahua (Tinkerbell) who is possibly her greatest pride and joy — so much so, that she asked Big Brother if she could bring a picture of him into the house. He declined. She then requested that he just send Tinkerbell in. We’re yet to see if that plays out.

According to Whitfield, she has a short attention span (her Instagram bio says “peace and pout ADHD bye xoxo”), no filter, and also is very likely to put her foot in it…at all times.

What she lacks in physical fitness — Whitfield calls it her “weak spot” — she makes up with her mental stamina and practical mind. Her plan to advance in the game and secure the $250,000 prize money is to play up the “ditzy blonde” cliché, while secretly making “educated plays”.

If she wins that cool quarter of a million? She’s planning to put a chunk of it towards her parents’ mortgage (who she says she’ll miss while on the show), donate to an animal charity (she has the link to a petition, ‘end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia’ in her Instagram bio), and to maybe even start her own business.

And according to Woman’s Day she’s started making moves on the latter already. Whitfield has already been reaching out to influencers, asking for advice on how to run her social media after the show.

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