Big Brother’s Mary Kalifatidis Is More Than “Just” a Mum

big brother 2021 mary

If Big Brother’s Mary Kalifatidis looks familiar, that’s because you’ve definitely seen one of her three children before. That’s right, Mary is the mother of Martha Kalifatidis — who you’ll recognise from Married at First Sight. Yep, reality TV runs in this family’s blood.

But even though her daughter’s reality TV appearance precedes her own — in fact, Martha gave her advice before entering the house to “be authentic” — Mary is entering the show to prove to everyone that she’s more than just a mum.

She’s finished raising her two daughters and son with her husband Theo, and the stay-at-home mum believes it’s her time to shine — so she’s stepping way out of her comfort zone.

And we think she’ll have absolutely no problem with the shining part — Mary describes herself as outspoken and the life of the party.

She also feels like she still has a lot of life lessons to learn, and can’t wait to have some fun and “meet some beautiful humans.” Humans she’s planning to fatten up — we hope not like the witch in Hansel and Gretel. And how she’s going to manage to do that?

Well, the second oldest contestant in the house is an accomplished home cook and baker — seriously, check out some of her amazing creations on her Instagram. She’s planning to win the house over with her cooking, and keep herself safe that way. Does she know that the food in the Big Brother house is rationed?

Another part of Mary’s strategy? Aligning herself with alpha players — so they’ll keep her safe, without her having to lift a finger. She’s not going to tell any of them about her daughter though — not because of shame, but because she doesn’t want them treating her differently due to her daughter’s influencer status. We bet Tilly would love to ask some questions!

And if Mary wins the quarter of a million prize money, she’s doing the philanthropic thing — donating to a children’s charity, an animal shelter, and putting the rest towards gifts for her sister and kids. Looks like hubby is missing out.

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