The Best Workout Apps to Kickstart 2020

With a new year (and Feb Fast) on the horizon, we’re starting to feel that itch for change. While it’s undeniably possible to make changes no matter the time of year, something about a new beginning always inspires people to be a little better, try a little harder, and push themselves a little further than they knew they could go. If you’re in the majority, there’s a high chance that getting in shape is on your agenda for 2020. 

Signing up for the gym is a great place to start, but admittedly, large group classes aren’t for everyone. If you prefer to do your workouts at home, or even at the gym but on your own time, downloading a workout app will push you to work out harder and better than you ever have before. 

These days, there’s no lack of options when it comes to choosing the right one. With everything from run-trackers to in-pocket personal trainers, there’s no doubt that someone has made an app that suits your workout style whether your a beginner or veteran gym junkie. To make finding the right one for you a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options so that you can just download one today and start your new workout routine without giving it a second thought.

5K Runner

For anyone who might be looking to get into running 5K runner is the perfect app to get you started. Based on the principle of taking you from the couch to running a 5K over the course of eight weeks, 5K runner starts you off small, gradually building up until you are able to run a 5K. The free version lets you try out the eight-week challenge, while paid versions of the app have additional personalised training plans. 


FIIT is like having a bunch of different trainers living in the palm of your hand. Depending on what your workout goals are, FIIT recommends you to try out a specific series of workouts to meet your goals. The best part is, FIIT’s straightforward routines can of

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Based on scientific studies, this app features workouts to achieve maximum results in minimal time. No equipment needed, the app is both home and gym friendly eliminating all excuses. The animated examples provide great insight as to how each workout should be performed, and the app even lets you create your own workout plan once so that you can pick and choose exactly what you want to focus on. 

What’s your workout routine like? Will you be trying one of these apps in the New Year?

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