Canberra Has Great Wineries — How Else Would Politicians Survive There?

best wineries canberra

Amidst Canberra’s rolling hills and country landscapes lies a treasure trove of wineries waiting to be discovered. The region’s unique climate and diverse terroir have attracted a growing number of winemakers, producing quality and complex wines. Thanks to this influx of quality drops, the capital city is quickly becoming a destination for wine lovers.

From the sparkling whites of the high-altitude vineyards, to the robust reds of the sun-kissed slopes, Canberra’s wineries offer a diverse range of wines that cater to every palate. So whether you’re a wine connoisseur looking to expand your knowledge or simply looking for a relaxing day out in the countryside, these wineries are not to be missed.

best wineries canberra
Photo: Destination NSW

Shaw Wines

Shaw Wines is a family-owned winery that produces a range of exceptional wines, from rich and full-bodied Shiraz to a crisp and refreshing Riesling. Spend an hour or two in the cellar door for tasting, complete with food pairings and a charcuterie platter. And for those who want to linger a little longer, Shaw Wines offers accommodation in their luxurious cottages, where you can comfortably relax and savour the vineyard’s fruits.

best wineries canberra
Photo: Ashley St George

Mount Majura Vineyard

Just a stone’s throw from Canberra lies Mount Majura Vineyard. This boutique winery produces a range of premium wines, including a bold and spicy Tempranillo and an elegant and refined Riesling. Enjoy sweeping countryside views while sipping their award-winning wines.

best wineries canberra

Brindabella Hills Winery

Venture to this family-owned and operated vineyard in the beautiful hills of the Canberra wine region. The winery specialises in handcrafted wines, including their award-winning Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon—a must-try. Visitors can enjoy tastings in the cosy cellar door or pull up a seat in the restaurant, which boasts its own spectacular vistas.

best wineries canberra
Photo: Canberra District Wine Industry Association

Eden Road Wines

Whether you’re after a Riesling or a full-bodied Shiraz, Eden Road is a stand-out in the Canberra wine scene. The winery’s cellar door is a great place to settle in, taste award-winning wines, and learn more about their sustainable winemaking practices. Explore a large range of cool-climate wines made from grapes grown in the highest and coldest sites in the region.

best wineries canberra
Photo: Chillbeanmedia

Lake George Winery

At Lake George Winery, the cellar door experience is nothing short of magical. As you step into the rustic yet elegant space, you’re greeted by the aroma of oak barrels and the gentle hum of conversation. Here, the winemakers have a deep respect for the land and craft exceptional cool-climate wines that reflect the unique terroir of the area. With stunning views of the shimmering lake and rolling hills, it’s easy to lose a few hours in the serenity of the ambience.

best wineries canberra
Photo: Collector Wines

Collector Wines

For a taste of artistry and small-batch wines, head to Collector Wines. The cellar door is a charming tiny space that invites visitors to taste award-winning wines, learn about the winemaking process, and soak up the charming surroundings. As for the wines, expect quality tipples, ranging from Grüner Veltliner to a bold Grenache and Sangiovese Rosé.

best wineries canberra
Photo: Helm Wines

Helm Wines

Helm Wines is an iconic winery in the Canberra wine region, renowned for its exceptional Rieslings and pioneering spirit. The winery was established by Ken Helm in 1973 and has been a trailblazer in the area ever since. Helm Wines’ vineyards are located in some of the highest and coolest sites in the region, producing Rieslings that are renowned for their purity, elegance, and age-ability.

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