Hobart on Foot: 6 Leisurely Walks Around the City and Beyond

Tasmania, Australia’s unofficial adventure capital, is known for its gruelling, multi-day hikes. But let’s face it, not everyone wants to spend seven days traversing mountains and beaches, sleeping under the stars, as dreamy as that all sounds.

However, if you want to experience the Tasmanian landscape with zero hardships, Hobart is home to some beautiful walks of varying grades.

Whether you’re strolling through the historic streets of Battery Point or meandering along sandy beaches, Hobart has a walk for everyone.

Here are the best walks in Hobart for your next jaunt to the Apple Isle.

best walks hobart
Photo: Alastair Bett

The Battery Point Historic Walk

Hobart’s rich history comes to life on the Battery Point Historic Walk. This self-guided tour through one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods introduces you to charming sandstone cottages, quaint streets, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Learn about the area’s maritime history and discover fascinating stories of its past residents. Don’t miss Kelly’s Steps, a historic stone stairway connecting Battery Point to Salamanca Place. The best part is that you set the distance.

best walks hobart
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Lee Henley

South Arm Peninsula Walk

If you’re seeking a coastal adventure, explore the South Arm Peninsula Walk. This easy-to-moderate trail can be done in under two hours and offers a scenic journey along rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, with views of Storm Bay and Bruny Island.

However, be prepped for seabirds, dolphins, and seals, as this area is rich in marine life. The walk’s diverse terrain makes it suitable for both casual walkers and more experienced hikers.

best walks hobart
Photo: Samuel Shelley

Kunanyi/Mount Wellington Summit Track

The Kunanyi/Mount Wellington summit track typically takes around two hours to hike the summit. But  if you’re short on time or unable to complete the moderate to difficult track, you can drive right up to the summit and take the short walk along the platform to the viewpoint, which offers sweeping vistas of Hobart.

best walks hobart
Photo: Dearna Bond

The Organ Pipes Track

Located within the Wellington Park Reserve, the Organ Pipes Track is a fascinating geological journey. This moderately challenging hike should take around three hours return and will lead you through a lush forest, culminating in a stunning formation known as the Organ Pipes.

These towering dolerite columns resemble the pipes of a grand organ and are a testament to the forces that shaped Kunanyi/Mount Wellington over millions of years.

best walks hobart
Photo: Tourism Australia

The Hobart Waterfront and Salamanca Place

For a leisurely urban walk, head to the Hobart Waterfront and Salamanca Place. Begin at the bustling Salamanca Market on Saturdays, where you can explore local crafts, fresh produce, and artisanal foods.

Then, follow the picturesque waterfront promenade along Sullivan’s Cove, passing historic warehouses, art galleries, and lively cafes. Enjoy the view of fishing boats bobbing in the harbour, and don’t forget to snap a photo of the iconic Constitution Dock.

best walks hobart

Sandy Bay Foreshore Walk

Stretching along the tranquil shores of the Derwent River, this scenic path offers stunning views of the river, nearby yachts, and Mount Wellington as a backdrop. Lined with sandy beaches, parks, and scenic vibes, it’s a popular choice for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a leisurely walk amidst nature’s beauty.

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