The Tinder Bios That Got Us Good in 2020


You only get one shot at a first impression on a dating app, which is why it pays to have a memorable profile. Some find success by putting a dog in their profile picture, others open the conversation with an interesting question — but in 2020, it was mentions of toilet paper that proved successful, as new Tinder data would indicate.

Looking back on the (dumpster fire of a) year that was, Tinder has gathered some important stats that ultimately define the way we dated through one of life’s more trying years.

Amid the chaos and uncertainty, daters still find moments for humour and connected over their shared stresses, fears and confusion. On the app, the most-used emoji in 2020 was “🤷”, so it’s safe to say the uncertainty was felt all around.

Of course, virtual dates became the norm and phone sex saw a drastic increase, but it was mentions of toilet paper that really got us good and proved effective over the course of the year. In fact, mentions of toilet paper were up 290% from the previous year. Romantic.

Here are some of the most 2020 Tinder bios spotted on the app this year.

  • “Netflix and isolate? I have toilet paper 🧻”
  • “One ply…two ply…three ply….waiting for that re-ply 🧻”
  • “I just want someone to want me like Aussies want toilet paper.”
  • “Just need a date for my cousin’s Zoom wedding.”
  • “Bought masks during bushfires which I then used for Covid, so I got that going for me.”
Bode Burnout

Jodie Langford, also known as Bode Burnout on Instagram, said of Australia’s approach to Tinder in 2020: “Looking back at this year, dating in 2020 has been more unique than ever before. Loneliness skyrocketed during lockdown. The way we interacted online went from writing witty openers, to full conversations with people to having dinner dates over video calls.

“This year, we saw that dating didn’t stop despite a global pandemic — which is why it’s so heartwarming to hear some of the actual love stories that sparked online in 2020. Now that the year’s over, I’ll be reminiscing on the strange yet hilariously accurate themes that I saw come through in Tinder bios, and the attempts to virtually work out our needs for companionship. Just imagine the Tinder bios for 2021; ‘If I can handle 2020 I can definitely handle you’.

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