Your Guide to Navigating Sydney’s Sustainable Bars and Ethical Eateries

Sustainable bars

If you’re looking to eat and drink at a restaurant in Sydney that’s taking steps to be more sustainable, you’re in luck. The harbour city has plenty of establishments that not only serve delicious dishes and drinks, but are also striving to be more eco-friendly and are conscious of their carbon footprint.

Here are a few bars and restaurants around the city we think are taking massive efforts to be more sustainable. Say cheers, consciously.

Chiswick Restaurant

If there’s one Sydney restaurant that deserves a gold star for effort in sustainability, it’s Chiswick Woollahra. They are proud of their strict recycling practices, responsible, efficient disposal methods, limiting food wastage, removing single-use cutlery (including plastic straws) and converting their used oil to biodiesel, is just the beginning. They also pride themselves on only working exclusively with suppliers who share similar values of operating with a minimal negative impact on consumers or the environment, at every turn.

Chiswick, headed up by well-known and loved chef Matt Moran, sustainably sources all seafood, uses meat that is ethically farmed and hormone-free, and fruits, vegetables and coffee sourced as locally as possible. They also dispose of food waste in their compost to use in their garden and if you ask for a doggy bag, you’ll be given biologically friendly containers to take home unfinished meals, reducing wastage even further.

Three Blue Ducks

If you’re yet to visit Three Blue Ducks, you should make a reservation ASAP. They stand by a set of principles that push them to reinvent the wheel when it comes to operating as ethically and sustainably as they can. From the suppliers they use to the way in which they run their business; Three Blue Ducks is doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint.

Wondering what their standout dishes are? You can’t go past the fermented chilli and miso roast eggplant with capsicum ketchup, peanut crumble, pickled chilli and radish, or the spit roast lamb with ezme, pomegranate jus and oregano.


Living by the mantra ‘Waste Nothing — Taste Everything’ RE in Sydney’s Eveleigh, take sustainability very seriously, and not just when it comes to the menu.

Bartender-turned-owner Matt Whiley has used RE as an opportunity to consider sustainability in every aspect of the bar, even down to the pineapple-leaf fibred “leather” banquettes and the staircase, bar, and tables made from recycled milk bottles.

The glassware is rescued pieces with minor imperfections that would normally be tossed and mud ceramics made from excess clay. So why not pop on over and say cheers to this establishment that’s taking steps to be more sustainable?

The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is a cafe that serves as a great example of sustainability. Not only can patrons enjoy their farm-like vibes, but they are also big on being eco-friendly.

They use reusable cutlery and packaging, local produce (including organic), recycling initiatives, energy efficiency and water conservation. The Grounds of Alexandria is committed to making its business sustainable in every way possible, including exploring how to be more green at every stage of business.

Daintree Sydney

Tucked in a sandstone building half way down the Cadman Cottage’s historic stairs, is Daintree Sydney—a small bar with a big purpose. The bar, which is resurrecting its own forest inside the bar with native plants on the outdoor patio and more greenery inside, is saving the Daintree Rainforest. The bar donates half its profits to charity partner, HalfCut, an environmental movement that engages people to raise funds to protect rainforests and wildlife. You might recognise Jimmy HalfCut, sporting his signature half-cut beard look. HalfCut has raised over $720,000, reclaiming lots that were sold off.

The cocktails are all made from native ingredients. It’s a small list, but expect to see a gumnut negroni, quandong daquiri, riberry drop, and wattleseed espresso—a take on an espresso martini.

While there is no universal standard for sustainability, the featured bars and restaurants are taking steps to be more sustainable. They have made strides in reducing their impact on the environment, which is something we can all get behind.

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