7 Heaps Good Sandwiches in Adelaide That Pair Perfectly With a Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee

best sandwiches adelaide

Adelaide is the gateway to Australia’s favourite wine region, but did you know you can find a decent sandwich too? Whether you’re in the mood for a classic sandwich or something more unique, chances are there’s a sandwich shop in Adelaide that will have just what you’re looking for.

With that in mind, here are five sandwich shops to try the next time you’re in Adelaide.

best sandwiches adelaide
Photo: The Flying Fig Deli

The Flying Fig

North Adelaide
The Flying Fig is as close as you will get to try New York’s Katz’s Deli in Australia. Their sandwiches include classic options like the BLT and grilled cheese and more unique options like the roast beef and horseradish mayo sandwich. Think layers upon layers of succulent corned beef, topped with sauerkraut and doused in Russian dressing. There are also bagels and other Jewish deli classics.

best sandwiches adelaide
Photo: Adelaide Central Market

Lucia’s Fine Foods

This beloved Italian deli and cafe in the bustling Central Market has been serving Italian specialties for over 60 years, including freshly made pasta, cured meats, cheeses, and antipasto. Their sandwiches are particularly popular, with options like the Porchetta and Caprese, made with the finest ingredients.

best sandwiches adelaide
Photo: @just_down_the_rd

Just Down the Road

You won’t find many glass-walled sandwich shops, but if you venture to Just Down The Road (yes, that’s the name), you will find a chic sandwich shop flooded with natural light. There are only five sandwiches on the menu, with the addition of daily specials. The mortadella salami sandwich is a popular choice, as is the classic chicken, avo, and cucumber combo.

best sandwiches adelaide
Photo: Pinco Deli

Pinco Deli

One word: “burger sauce reuben.” Okay, so technically, it’s not one word, but Pinco Deli, a charming little family-owned establishment, slings a Reuben with burger sauce, a gooey tuna melt, and just about every basic sandwich filling there is. When it comes to rustic Italian sandwiches, you can’t beat Pinco Deli.

best sandwiches adelaide
Photo: Our Boy Roy

Our Boy Roy

Clarence Park
If you’ve watched The Bear and have since been salivating over a Chicago-style beef roll, you might want to take a trip to Our Boy Roy. The beef roll is exceptional, and you can eat it at the park-like setting at the back of the shop. Lay out a picnic rug, and enjoy a sandwich from the extensive range on the board, including meatball hoagies and ciabatta creations.

best sandwiches adelaide
Photo: Hermanos Cubanos

Hermanos Cubanos

Henley Beach
There’s only one item that matters on this menu: the Cuban. Granted, you will find different versions, from a citrusy mojito chicken to the classic pulled pork. Regardless, it’s all good! Pair it with a Mexican soda or handmade dessert for a satisfying experience. They even come in the classic little red baskets for takeaway, the only option at this pocket-sized bar.

best sandwiches adelaide
Photo: Shobosho


Every city has its go-to Katsu sando, and for Adelaide, that’s Shobosho. The sandwich in question starts with crumbed pork, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce and mayo and filled with shredded white cabbage. Although, if you’re not feeling pork, the menu has all kinds of Sandos, including a potato gem and golden curry egg sando, and Wagyu meatball sando with gochujang and a three cheese sauce.

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