6 Ramen Joints That Prove Perth Has Culture

best ramen perth

Perth, a city known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culinary scene, has a hidden gem simmering beneath the surface—its exceptional ramen. While the Western Australian capital may be far from the bustling streets of Tokyo, it boasts a growing array of ramen joints that rival the best in the world.

We’ve slurped our way through the city to discover the steaming bowls of perfection, each offering a unique twist on this beloved Japanese comfort food. From rich and hearty broths to hand-pulled noodles, here’s where you can find the best ramen in Perth.

best ramen perth
Photo: Nao Japanese

Nao Japanese, CBD

Nao Japanese Restaurant, tucked away in the suburban streets of Applecross, is a hidden gem for ramen lovers. Their ramen offerings are characterised by meticulously crafted broths and fresh, house-made noodles. Don’t miss their shoyu ramen, a true testament to the artistry of Japanese cuisine.

best ramen perth
Photo: Ippudo

Ippudo, Cannington and Perth City

Ippudo, a global ramen sensation, has found its home in Perth’s CBD. Known for its silky tonkotsu broth and expertly cooked noodles, this international chain lives up to its reputation. The modern, stylish interior and attentive service make dining here a delightful experience.

best ramen perth
Photo: Hakata Gensuke

Hakata Gensuke, East Victoria Park

Hakata Gensuke, located in Victoria Park, specialises in the rich and creamy tonkotsu ramen. With its minimalistic decor and focus on the quality of ingredients, it’s the ideal place to indulge in a hearty bowl of ramen. Customise your dish with various toppings to suit your palate.

best ramen perth
Photo: Perth Underground

Ramen Ichiraku, Subiaco

For a taste of authenticity, head to Ramen Ichiraku in Subiaco. This charming eatery captures the essence of a traditional Japanese ramen-ya. With their emphasis on quality ingredients and precise preparation, you can expect a memorable bowl of ramen that transports you straight to Japan.

best ramen perth
Photo: Pekopeko Eats

Ramen Samurai, Como

Ramen Samurai in Como is a hidden gem known for its authentic Japanese flavours. Try their tantanmen ramen for a fiery, satisfying experience.

best ramen perth
Photo: Bariuma

Bariuma, Multiple Locations

Bariuma is easily Perth’s favourite ramen. Bariuma translates to “super tasty,” which rings true to its big bowls of chewy noodles and umami-packed broth. Their signature dish is the thick chashu pork served on a bed of silken noodles with your preference of toppings.

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