From Classic to Creative, Here Are 8 Joints That Prove Melbourne Knows Pizza

Melbourne’s pizza heritage traces back to 1961 when Toto’s, the city’s first pizzeria, opened on Lygon Street. Though Neapolitan-style pizza prevailed, defined by its wood-fired crispness, new-generation pizzerias have emerged with innovative twists.

Surprisingly, some pizzas now rival the best Neapolitan interpretations despite being cooked in electric ovens or using different tomato varieties. While traditional pizzas hold their charm, the thrill of experiencing novel, Melbourne-exclusive creations is unparalleled.

With that said, the next time you’re hankering for a slice, try one of Melbourne’s best pizzerias.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

Leonardo’s is a captivating spot where time seems to slip away, fuelled by a pizza haze. The pepperoni pizza is a timeless favourite while the jalapeno option, featuring fermented pepper and bechamel, delivers a spicy awakening. Expect to lose track of time in the casual atmosphere and indulge in the city’s old (but good) favourite pizza experience at Leonardo’s.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: Capitano


The laid-back Italian eatery, an extension of Bar Liberty’s team, draws inspiration from North American cuisine, featuring deep-dish pizza “squares” and flavorful, fermented base “rounds.” While the menu pays homage to the US, the wine list predominantly showcases Italian selections. Diners can expect to savour the best of both worlds, a delightful blend of American and Italian influences at this relaxed joint.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: Thin Slizzy Pizzeria

Thin Slizzy

Pun-filled Neapolitan-style pizzas reign supreme here. Indulge in creative delights like the Meatallica, the Smashing Pumpkins, or the Brockin’ in the Free World. With a rock’n’roll vibe and mouthwatering pizzas, this place promises a memorable dining experience that hits all the right notes.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: Pizza Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Track down the neon sign for a taste of New York’s late-night slice experience. Indulge in classic pizzas, available by the slice or whole. The “Magic Mushroom” is a favourite with its cheese and mushroom blend, enhanced by a drizzle of truffle oil. Meanwhile, the “Pepper Pepperoni” offers a satisfyingly spicy kick. Don’t miss the chance to grab a refreshing cocktail at the back and settle in for the night.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: D.O.C


At this cosy and bustling restaurant, you’ll experience pizza just like the Italians enjoy: uncomplicated yet brilliant combinations that enhance the crust and tantalise the palate. With a dedication to top-notch imported ingredients, each bite is a true delight. We suggest booking as it can get crowded quickly.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: Figlia


Brunswick East
The main attraction of this spacious, industrial-chic venue, owned by the creators of Tipo 00 and Osteria Ilaria, is its unconventional and creative pizzas. Grab a seat at the expansive central bar for delectable snacks and a selection of natural wines by the glass. Alternatively, opt for a bistro-style table to share delightful bistecca and Nebbiolo.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: Deep End

Deep End

Itching for a Detroit deep dish? Deep End does just that and a few New York slices too. Chef and co-owner Paul Kasten (Deeds Brewing and Host Dining) studied in the US and wanted to bring his obsession with American-style pizza to the inner north.

best pizza melbourne
Photo: Green Acre

Green Acre

Discover a vegan-friendly pizza bar where sustainability takes centre stage. Co-owned by one of the minds behind Small Print Pizza, this joint features mostly recycled and upcycled fixtures. While they offer classic favourites like ham, pineapple, and pepperoni, the menu also boasts delightful plant-based alternatives and vegetable-centric flavours that celebrate the goodness of nature.