The Best Budget-Friendly Phone Plans Under $60

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The end of the financial year sees telcos offering major deals on phone plans with lots of data, unlimited talk and text and no lock-in contracts. To that end, we’ve rounded up some of the best budget phone plans you can sign up for right now. There are lots of plans in Australia, especially this month, with premium perks that won’t blow your budget.

Everything in this list is a SIM-only or prepaid plan, meaning you’ll have to own your phone outright. If you’re after a new phone, like the iPhone 13 or Samsung Galaxy S22, you’ll need to factor in the handset repayment when you’re looking for a cheap plan.

Best Phone Plans Under $60

The most popular plan under $60 in Australia right now is the $30 Optus Prepaid Epic Data. For that price, you get 40GB, unlimited national calls and text and unlimited international calls to 15 destinations. Belong’s $35 plan also comes with 40GB of data, but if you sign up before June 30, you’ll get double data for a full year.

A standout is Circles.Life’s $23 100GB plan. It normally costs $45 a month but you can get it for almost half price thanks to EOFY sales.

If you’re after unlimited data, check out felix. This carbon neutral telco keeps it simple with one plan — it costs $35 a month and comes with unlimited data and unlimited national talk and text — and plants a tree for each month you’re with them.

Vodafone’s $55 SIM-Only Super Plan comes close to unlimited data with a massive 200GB, plus an extra 140GB next month if you stay connected.

In terms of value for money, TPG’s 60GB plan is the clear winner at just $20. The catch is that the price will double after six months, but $40 for 60GB and unlimited talk and text in Australia is still a good deal — and there’s nothing stopping you from switching to another provider on the list when the time comes.

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