6 of the Best International Roaming Options to Keep You Connected On Holiday

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If staying connected while you travel is a priority for you — whether it’s to keep in touch with loved ones, get some work done or keep your friends updated on your travels on Stories — you’ll no doubt spend some time looking for a phone plan with international roaming.

Most providers allow international roaming, but for an extra fee or on a pay-as-you-go basis — costs which can add up quickly. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best budget phone plans with international roaming. There’s a combination of prepaid and SIM plans to choose from, from major telcos like Telstra as well as smaller carriers like the eco-friendly felix.

Best Telstra International Roaming Deals

Travellers on a Telstra phone plan can purchase the standalone $10 International Day Pass to get 500MB of data. If you go over that limit, you’ll receive another 1GB that you can use over the next 30 days, but you’ll also be charged an extra $10. Good news if you’re travelling to New Zealand: the International Day Pass is only $5 for the same amount of data.

Best Optus International Roaming Deals

Optus Choice Plus customers can pay $5 for 5GB of roaming data, or $35 for 35GB. Which one you get depends on what you need it for: whatever you don’t use of the 5GB option expires in 24-hours, while the 35GB lasts you for a whole week.

Best Optus Prepaid International Roaming Deals

Optus Prepaid Epic Data customers can also buy a $20 Roam Data add-on, which includes 10GB to use over 14 days. There are also options for Optus Flex customers.

Best Vodafone International Roaming Deals

Vodafone has one of the most high value offerings out of all the telcos: daily $5 roaming across its entire range of postpaid plans. Conveniently, the data you use will come straight from your plan’s regular allocation — no need to keep track of two separate data limits or switch to a new plan when you’re preparing to travel. The best part? You’ll only be charged on days when you make a call, send a text or use data overseas.

Best Vodafone Prepaid International Roaming Deals

Vodafone’s pay-as-you-go rates for prepaid can end up costing you in the long run. It’s much cheaper to buy one of three Prepaid Roaming Add-On packages. Choose from the $5 daily add-on with 200MB, $15 three-day 750MB add-on or the $35 weekly 2GB add-on.

Best Felix Prepaid International Roaming Deal

The standard felix mobile plan doesn’t include international roaming, but you can add it onto your plan for a one-off $20 payment. It lasts a year, so you can rest assured that you’re covered even if your holiday gets delayed or you plan another trip soon after.

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