5 Natural Beauty Brands to Try

natural makeup brands

You think about what you eat, you think about what you drink, but how often do you stop and think about what you put on your face?

Just because we’re used to makeup as a part of our everyday routine, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop to reconsider the practice every now and then. This isn’t to say anything against makeup, but rather the ingredients that are in makeup that we tacitly agree to when we use certain products.

When you really stop to think about it, it all seems a little crazy that we put semi-permanent chemicals on our faces day in and out solely for aesthetic purposes.

Thankfully, it’s not all scary and there are some good guys on the scene. In fact, there are a number of natural brands lining up to help us make smart decisions when it comes to what we’re applying to our faces so that we can look and feel good about what we’re using.

While natural beauty isn’t an entirely new concept, there has been an increasing demand in recent years, and the best thing we can do as consumers is to support the brands that are playing in this space. Not only is it better for us, but it’s also better for the environment and the future of makeup as it stands.

Below, you’ll read about five brands that are killing it in the natural beauty scene, as well as a few suggestions about what essentials to purchase from each.

Bite Beauty

For the lipstick lovers out there, meet Bite Beauty. Sold at Adore Beauty, Bite’s natural lipsticks are known for their popping colours and silky formula.

With everything from bright pinks to dark burgundies, Bite has a colour for everyone. Made from 12 edible oils, Bite lipsticks are “healthy enough to eat”, though you’re probably better off just wearing the lipstick as is.

Go for the Amuse Bouche Lipstick for your new favourite way to add a pop of colour. 

ILIA Beauty

With “an ethical approach to beauty”, ILIA makeup is made with organic ingredients and packaged using recycled materials. Launched in Vancouver in 2011, ILIA has since become a fan-favourite for natural but wearable makeup, including everything from mascara to tinted moisturizer.

With a following including the likes of Dakota Fanning, this is no run-of-the-mill beauty brand. A fan-favourite of the brand is the True Skin Serum Foundation, which comes in 18 different shades — a pretty wide swath, comparatively. You can pick this one up at Mecca or order online. 

Lilah B

Based on reviews, it would seem that there are only good things to be said of Lilah B. Without any parabens, Lilah B still manages to create long-lasting and flattering formulas that serve multiple purposes as well.

If you’re looking to de-clutter your beauty routine, adding the Divine Duo Lip and Cheek Compact to your kit is a good way to go. While the matte finish of the formula will make you look flawless, the aloe in the ingredients list will nourish your skin while wearing it.

This one can also be found at Mecca and Net-a-Porter, so add it to the list. 


Kosas seems to be one of the most popular brands in the natural beauty scene and for good reason. Founded by an LA-based artist and chemist (already sounds cool), the brand is known for its beautiful palettes which are filled with natural ingredients and colours based on art colour theory.

A popular option from this brand is the Tinted Face Oil which serves as a lightweight foundation and seems to do more good than anything with naturally hydrating properties from ingredients like avocado and rosehip seed oils.

Time to pencil in an official Mecca trip, because this one is also sold there. 

RMS Beauty

One more from Mecca, and it’s an industry favourite so shouldn’t be overlooked: RMS Beauty. Founded out of a need for non-toxic makeup, RMS “is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup” so that it will simultaneously nourish the skin.

RMS has been a longtime player, going on ten years of innovation. A crowd favourite? The Living Luminizer highlighter. Made with certified organic ingredients and formulated to flatter every skin tone, it’s no wonder this one is so popular.  

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While it may seem extreme to completely overhaul your current beauty routine in favour of a more natural one, something is always better than nothing. Even if you slowly transition to a few more natural makeup products, you’ll be doing your skin a huge favour in the process.

Everyday life is already surrounded by so much pollution, so reducing everyday toxins where we can seems like a no-brainer.