How to Make Sure Your Valentine’s Flowers Are Sustainable

February 14: A date when florists flex how easily they can get their customers laid. Or a date when florists have to make 10,000 bouquets of soulless roses. In any case, Valentine’s Day is a huge time for flowers of all shapes and sizes.

However, if you’re one of those folks purchasing flowers for your seventeen lovers, you’ll want to make sure that they’re sustainably harvested. This is because nothing kills romance quite like killing the planet. 

So, how do you make sure your Valentine’s flowers have been ethically sourced? How do you save yourself from the faux pas of being a yikes-level consumer? Don’t panic, let’s dive into the answers right now. 

Recycled Wrapping Is Key

Hey, do you know what clashes with a bouquet of native flowers? A garish sleeve of plastic. Oh, and plastic is also environmentally garbage, as it takes ages to decompose. 

Therefore, if you’re buying Valentine’s flowers, make sure that their wrapping’s recyclable. You can even ask your florist to wrap them in paper or to come without any paper at all. Not only do such stylings make for better Insta posts, but they are also better for our Earth’s health.

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Buy Locally Sourced Flowers

If you’re buying your Valentine’s flowers from a florist, make sure that they’re locally sourced. You can do this by asking your florist where the flowers you want came from. You can even ask them for the name of the flower’s farm or for some other location-based details. Such specifics will help you make sure that they’re not just yanking your chain. 

Locally sourced flowers matter because they don’t arrive in Australia by aeroplane. As we all know, planes leave a gnarly carbon footprint. And such a footprint is completely unnecessary when there are some A+ flowers growing in your very own neck of the woods. 

Grow Your Own Plants

If you have the time, money, and space, homegrown flowers can make for a *chef’s kiss* Valentine’s gift. This is because you’ll know for certain that your bouquet wasn’t blasted with pesticides or overwatered — unless you yourself did that. What’s more, after presenting your flowers, you get to say, “Here, I grew these myself.” And is there anything more hot or heavy than that?

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