Five National Parks In WA That Need to Be Seen to Be Believed

best national parks wa

For a state that is comparable to the size of Alaska, Western Australia can be considered its own world. In that world is a spectacular array of gorges, ancient rock formations, and otherworldly natural beauty, not to mention the diversity of the landscape, flora, and fauna that draws millions of visitors annually.

Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or enjoy a hike in the bush, Western Australia’s national parks are next level. Here are the best ones you’ve never heard of but should know.

best national parks wa

Francois Peron National Park

Witness the kaleidoscopic colours of Shark Bay World Heritage Area on the Coral Coast. Visitors will find a mix of Uluru-red cliffs, white sand beaches, sapphire ocean waters, and desert sands. It’s a sight to behold. However, experiencing it won’t be easy. Access to the park is off Monkey Mia Road, about 4km east of Denham. The road to the Peron Heritage Precinct is unsealed but two-wheel drive-accessible. Other parts of the park require high clearance four-wheel drive vehicles, thanks to the narrow, soft sand tracks. Although in the end, after all the hard work, it’s well worth it for the views. Venture to the water’s edge for a sight you will never forget.

best national parks wa
Photo: Visit Ashburton

Karijini National Park

We can guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like Karijini National Park; at least, that’s what everyone says. Hikers and photographers flock to this underrated park to ascend over rocks, walk towering gorges, and dive into hidden rock pools. From June to September, wildflowers are in bloom, carpeting the dusty red ground with vivid colours. The walking trails suit all levels of experience, making them suitable for families. Oxer Lookout is by far the most popular vantage point here. If you can, stay after dark. You’re likely to see shooting stars, meteor showers, and a billion stars on any given night.

best national parks wa

Lesueur National Park

Not all national parks require towering rock formations and jagged hiking trails. Some are completely flat, like Lesueur National Park. This unique park is recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot, home to over 1,100 species of flora found nowhere else on the planet. During wildflower season, this park lights up with a profusion of colour. For a better view of the entire park, follow the 18.5km Lesueur Scenic Drive to the top of Mount Lesueur. Here, you will have sweeping views of the wildflowers in bloom.

best national parks wa

D’entrecasteaux National Park

Tall forests meet wide open sandy beaches in this idyllic national park. There are endless sand dunes to mark up with a four-wheel drive if you have one. If not, hike the trails, wade into the waters, or find a river to kayak down. The fishing here is first-rate, according to the locals. Throw in a line and see what bites. A few highlights you won’t want to miss include Salmon Beach, Black Point for its basalt columns, Broke Inlet for calm waters, and The Windows for a peek at the striking ocean cave.

best national parks wa

Yanchep National Park

Yanchep is limited in what you can do. There are only nine hiking trails that range from 500 metres to 51km, but it winds through some impressive wetlands and dense bush.  Although, the main attraction is the Crystal Cave, an underground wonderland, showcasing an impressive display of stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, flowstones, columns and shawls. Jump on a 45 minute tour through the caves to discover its history and geological make up. As with most national parks in the area, Yanchep comes alive with colour during wildflower season and is flush with local wildlife including the friendly resident kangaroos. The caves are less than an hours drive from Perth, making it an easy day trip.

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