How to Use Meal Planning to Help Combat the Cost of Living Crisis

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We all know the cost of living in Australia right now is, in a word, cooked. Housing prices continue to rise, the renting crisis worsens, and our bills are only predicted to get more expensive. Frankly, I’ve had it up to here with the cost of living, and I’m desperate to find ways to cut corners.

I haven’t yet resorted to full-blown kleptomania like some Australians, but I have been seriously looking at my fridge to figure out where I can cut costs. Meal planning has never been my strong suit. But after doing some research, it turns out that it is genuinely a great way to save money, save time and combat the cost of living crisis that everyone is so worried about.

I wanted to see what subscription meal plans were out there because I can’t be trusted to do anything completely by myself. Looking at MACROS’ meal plan options, of which there are many, suddenly meal planning doesn’t seem so daunting.

But how exactly can meal planning help combat the cost of living, while also making sure you’re not bored to death at dinnertime every day? The benefits are surprisingly plenty.

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

macros salmon broccoli udon meal dish
Japanese Miso Salmon/Image via MACROS

We’ve all been victim to going to the shops on an empty stomach. You walk in with a small list of a few essentials and you leave with an overflowing trolley full of stuff you’d never heard of and an empty bank account. As the cost of living rises, you probably should cut back on those impromptu strolls down the grocery store aisles. One of the greatest benefits of subscription meal plans is that you get exactly what you need, and you know the cost.

On first glance, that might seem limiting. But services like MACROS have a surprising range of plans available for a seemingly endless range of needs. Whether you’re feeding a family, living a plant-based life, or even gluten-free, there’s probably a plan that fits exactly what you’re after.

You won’t have to break the bank either. You can score family dishes meant to serve two for as little as $16.71 a meal, or just over $8 per person. Just prepping for one? Other plans are available for as cheap as just over $9 a meal. I’ve spent more just stepping foot into the shops.

You’ll know how much is being spent on food and when it’s being spent. This sets you up perfectly for an accurate and workable budget that you can plan the rest of your life around.

You Can Kickstart Your Health Goals

Bean & Eggplant Mousaka/Image via MACROS

Being able to focus on your health goals can be difficult when you’re trying to figure out where to cut costs. Perhaps you feel that a gym membership isn’t feasible in 2023. But, with meal planning, you can help cut back costs elsewhere that means you can keep those little things that make worth living.

Not only that, but meal planning can be utilised to help smash those health goals. MACROS have several different ranges that go beyond just eating healthily. There’s the popular weight loss plan, going for as little as $9.65 a meal, that’ll still have your plate and belly full. But there are also plans that can help build muscle , maintain fitness and gain definition, available for as little as $11.67, $9.90 and $9.65 a meal respectively.

Don’t be Afraid to Get Creative

macros chicken corn salsa meal dish
Chicken with Corn & Tomato Salsa/Image via MACROS

Look, if you haven’t already picked up on it, I’m a laissez-faire kinda person when it comes to food. I like to decide what I want to eat the night of when I’m eating it. While the cost of living crisis doesn’t always allow for that type of thinking, getting creative with meal plans can help as long as you have a little creativity. MACROS’ colossal variety of menu items help give that wiggle room.

Take the chicken with corn & tomato salsa dish for example. You might love the dish itself, but eating it several times a week can be boring. A good strategy in this instance could be to convert the dish into two dishes with some wraps. The chicken, corn and tomato salsa are already there for you. Why not just throw on some sriracha and lime and wrap it up for some fun office-safe lunches? By adding some extra, no-fuss ingredients, you’ve turned one night’s dinner into lunches for the end of the week.

You Can Still Get Your Snack In, Don’t Worry

macros choco nut balls snack
Choco-Nut Snack Balls/Image via MACROS

There is nothing — and I mean nothing — like giving yourself a little treat just for making it through another day. Times are tough out here, folks. Unless you’re extremely regimented, you probably don’t have a little treat budget, but if you do, you’re my idol.

Alas, snack times are important so you want to make sure your meal planning allows for it. This planning is crucial — don’t become victim to a stroll down the snack aisle while hungry! MACROS has you covered, though, with a range of extras available that you can tack on to your delivery — complete with choco-nut balls that can help keep you going through the day.

Learn more about MACROS and discover which plan is right for you here.

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