Taste the Best of Seoul With Sydney’s Top Korean Restaurants

Korean cuisine in Sydney still has a long way to go, although thanks to a recent boom in Korean culture, we have Korean BBQs and delis popping up all over the city. And if you think Korean cuisine is just bibimbap and kimchi, you’d be wrong. It’s about quality ingredients, respect for cooking and bringing the heart of Seoul to its dishes.

So, if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Korean culture, here’s where to find the best Korean restaurants in Sydney.

best korean restaurants sydney
Photo: Funda

Funda, CBD

Funda, a funky Korean restaurant perched on the corner of Pitt Street, is a vibrant departure from minimalist design trends, boasting a funky 120-seat setup with Y2K aesthetics. They surprise diners with a unique cocktail menu, an uncommon find in Korean eateries, emphasising both flavour and presentation as colourful as the decor. One standout is “Open Sesame,” made with black sesame ice cream, but we’re not going to tell you all the details so as not to ruin the delightful surprise that comes with sipping this libation.

The culinary team, led by Executive Chef Jung-su Chang, formerly of South Korea’s two Michelin-starred Jungsik Seoul, and Head Chef Chris Kim, known for Tetsuya’s and Sepia, ensures top-notch cuisine akin to a Michelin restaurant, without the stuffy white table cloths. Their menu creatively fuses Korean and European influences, offering dishes like creamy mushroom tteokbokgi and a must-try Korean Fried Chicken, best enjoyed with the signature sauce. There is also a Korean potato pancake topped with saucy bulgogi and parmesan. It’s a match made in Funda heaven. If you’re looking for something casual with Michelin-quality flavours but at an affordable price, nab a table at Funda. 

best korean restaurants sydney
Photo: SOUL Deli

SOUL Deli, Surry Hills

SOUL Deli is your neighbourhood Korean Deli, cafe, eatery, homewares shop, and more. Here you can go for breakfast or lunch, pick up a jar of kimchi to take home or browse locally-made ceramics and fashion. The modern layout is fresh and flooded with light. Stay for breakfast, where you will find a kimchi bacon and egg roll, omelettes, Korean pancakes and more. A visit to this deli is guaranteed to inject some K-culture into your life.

best korean restaurants sydney
Photo: SOUL Dining

SOUL Dining, Surry Hills

SOUL Dining is the older sister of SOUL Deli, presenting Korean food with modern Australian techniques. Dining here is more formal than the deli, but expect the same great taste and quality dishes. Expect roasted cauliflower, Korean spicy charcoal chicken, wagyu steak, and kingfish in kimchi water. There is a tasting menu for $79 per person, designed to share. The menu features wagyu tartare, prawn Tteokbokki, burrata, and purple sweet potato pastry for dessert. You can upgrade to the steak for an extra $20 per person.

best korean restaurants sydney

SOOT, Barangaroo

SOOT is anything but ordinary when it comes to Korean restaurants, more specifically KBBQ. Step into a realm where the traditional Korean BBQ experience intertwines seamlessly with the classic ambience of an Australian steakhouse. Prepare to be delighted by an extensive selection of local and imported wines, premium imported Korean liquors, and expertly crafted bespoke cocktails. With smokeless DIY grills adorning each table, savour the essence of Korean BBQ favourites alongside a variety of delectable sides. SOOT takes it a step further by offering premium and aged wagyu cuts, ensuring a steakhouse experience with a distinctive Korean twist.

best korean restaurants sydney
Photo: Kobo

Kobo, CBD

Embark on a culinary odyssey as Chef Jacob Lee takes you on a Korean journey through seasons, provinces, and the rich history of Korean cuisine. Chef Jacob creates a harmonious fusion of authenticity and modern flair with a blend of imported ingredients and locally sourced produce. Immerse yourself in a captivating Korean drama of food, art, nature, and fire, expertly orchestrated by Chef Jacob Lee.

best korean restaurants sydney
Photo: Honey

Honey, Haymarket

Honey serves up Pocha-style shareable dishes, copious amounts of Korean Fried Chicken, soju, and fun Korean-style cocktails. The menu consists of Korean Fried Chicken options, including soy garlic; sweet chilli, creamy onion; flaming; and jalapeno. Other notable menu items include spicy grilled pork, Bulgogi Pizza; clam tang soup; Yukhue beef tartare; seafood Ttoek Bokki; and Tonkatsu. To wash it down, there’s a range of beers on tap, cocktails, wine, soju, and their famous Honeycomb Magkoli (Korean Rice Wine).

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