Sydney’s Curry Chronicles: Where to Find the City’s Top Indian Restaurants

best indian restaurants sydney

Discover the vibrant tapestry of Sydney’s Indian restaurant scene, where flavours, spices, and traditions meld to transport diners to Mumbai, New Delhi, and Goa. From the rich aromas of North Indian tandoori dishes to the fragrant curries of South India, the city’s culinary landscape is dotted with gems.

We uncovered the masterful kitchens, vibrant ambiences, and unforgettable dining experiences that define the best Indian restaurants Sydney has to offer.

best indian restaurants sydney
Photo: Nikki To


Potts Point
The team behind Tel Aviv eatery Ezra is stepping into Mumbai with their latest venue, Raja, which is conveniently next door. We can guarantee you haven’t experienced this iteration of Indian cuisine before. Co-Owner, Nick and Kirk Mathews-Bowden have brought in Ahana Dutt (formerly of Firedoor) as head chef to bridge traditional Indian flavours with contemporary twists and cooking techniques. Expect Mumbai on a plate, with the exciting addition of regional flavours from all over the sub-continent. The winter greens bhorta and crudites are a highlight and must-order dish.

best indian restaurants sydney
Photo: Foreign Return

Foreign Return

Surry Hills
Forget what you know about Indian restaurants, because Foreign Return is nothing like them. Instead, expect matte navy walls, gold accents, and lively plants, with an Indian pigeon mural welcoming guests. As for the menu, it’s full of lost recipes specific to regions, such as a ‘Laal Maas’ a slowly braised venison curry from Rajasthan. The ‘Koldil Duck’ is a pan-seared duck breast with banana flower and yoghurt, which is a popular dish found in the Assam region (North-East India). The bar is also a major draw, shaking, stirring, and delivering spiced cocktails, including the delicate ‘Marigold Sour’ — a light, gin-infused sour with crushed marigold flowers (the country’s ceremonial flower) or a South Indian spin on a Pina Colada called a ‘Curry Colada’ which is a concoction of rum, fresh pineapple, coconut and curry leaves.

best indian restaurants sydney
Photo: Don’t Tell Aunty

Don’t Tell Aunty

Surry Hills
As owner Jessi Singh puts it, “Don’t Tell Aunty is fun, vibrant, and lively.” The menu is divided into several parts, including street food, tandoor, from the pot, and from the side. The street food section is one of the most exciting sides of the menu. Here, you’ll find chutney shots in semolina puffs, the motherland’s version of nachos and salsa, crispy cauliflower, chickpeas and potato croquettes, and a naan platter with a combination of chutneys. From the Tandoor section, expect Aussie lamb chops in tangy spices, spiced jumbo prawns, and charred fish.

best indian restaurants sydney
Photo: INDU


This subterranean treasure trove of spices delves into India’s southern coastal gems, spotlighting rustic village delicacies.  Rapid yet artful service unveils dosas, hoppers, coconut-infused barramundi, pork belly, and Lachlan Valley lamb curries. Essential to the experience is homemade bread — especially the indulgent paratha, perfect for mopping up every last drop of sauce on the plate.

best indian restaurants sydney
Photo: Masala Theory

Masala Theory

Surry Hills
Masala Theory, a culinary creation by owner Yashpal Erda, infuses his Indian heritage with a modern flair in the form of curry bombs. Expect a lively atmosphere catering to families, business encounters, and impromptu dates. Focusing on fresh, authentic ingredients, this vibrant restaurant offers a playful twist on beloved classics, such as a deconstructed samosa and flavour bomb Neo-Indian curries.

best indian restaurants sydney
Photo: Delhi ‘O’ Delhi

Deli ‘O’ Delhi

Deli O Delhi stands as the ultimate destination for a butter chicken renaissance that defies norms. Treasured by locals, this award-winning gem offers five-star service with quality, almost fine dining-style dishes. The menu goes beyond Indian culinary boundaries, offering an odyssey through the subcontinent’s diverse regions. Amid the elegant yet inviting ambience, each plate unveils flavours as captivating as the setting.

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