7 Distilleries That Prove SA Is the Place to Be For Gin Lovers

best gin distillery sa

South Australia’s gin scene is thriving, with a host of distilleries producing high-quality, award-winning gins. The state’s Mediterranean climate, fertile soils, and pristine water sources provide the perfect conditions for growing the botanicals used in gin-making. That said, the young and innovative distillers pushing the limits on gin-making make the state worth exploring.

From small, family-owned operations to larger, more established distilleries, here are South Australia’s best gin distilleries.

best gin distillery sa
Photo: Applewood Distillery

Applewood Distillery

Applewood Distillery is a sustainable distillery based in the Adelaide Hills. They use locally sourced and indigenous ingredients to create their exciting range of unique and flavorful gins, including an award-winning Ochre Gin. Other notable mentions include a Bush Apple Gin and Coral Gin, made from botanicals found near the Great Barrier Reef.  In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Applewood Distillery also offers a tasting room and gin-making workshops for visitors to learn about their craft.

best gin distillery sa
Photo: 78 Degrees Distillery

78 Degrees Distillery

This small-batch distillery pushes the boundaries of what gin is meant to look and taste like. Take their chocolate gin infused with cacao husks to create a complex flavour profile of chocolate, jaffa, orange, and hazelnut. They produce their gin using a traditional copper pot still and locally sourced botanicals, including coriander, lemon myrtle, and native finger limes. The cellar door offers tastings and tours for visitors to learn about their distillation process. Grab a seat outside on a sunny day and enjoy a cocktail or two.

best gin distillery sa
Photo: Kangaroo Island Spirits

Kangaroo Island Spirits

As suggested in the name, you will find this distillery on Kangaroo Island. They specialise in creating handcrafted gins using locally sourced and native ingredients, including wild juniper berries and coastal daisies. Their range of gins has won numerous awards, including Best Contemporary Gin at the 2020 Australian Gin Awards. Visit the beautiful distillery for tastings, tours, and gin masterclasses.

best gin distillery sa
Photo: Morgan Sette

23rd Street Distillery

23rd Street Distillery is named after the corner it sits on in Renmark. The modern distillery boasts soaring ceilings, timber beams, and stylish furniture. Combining a bar, distillery, and restaurant, this colossal venue is a must-visit. They produce a range of gins using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, including their signature hybrid distilling method.

best gin distillery sa
Photo: Prohibition Liquor Co.

Prohibition Liquor Co.

Step back to the roaring twenties, with vintage decor and an ambience that exudes the spirit of the prohibition era. The distillery produces a range of award-winning gins, each with its own unique flavour profile, from a spicy Shiraz Gin to a citrusy Bathtub Cut Gin. Every sip is a journey through time and taste.

best gin distillery sa
Photo: Seppeltsfield Road Distillers

Seppeltsfield Road Distillers

Surrounded by lush vineyards and rolling hills, this small-batch gin distillery boasts a stunning, modern design that effortlessly blends with the natural landscape. Using locally grown botanicals, their gins are infused with the distinct flavours of the Barossa, resulting in a truly unique taste experience. Sip on a gin and tonic while soaking up the breathtaking views, or embark on a distillery tour to learn more about the art of gin-making.

best gin distillery sa
Photo: Never Never Distilling Co.

Never Never Distilling Co.

The Never Never Distilling Co. is a true gem of Adelaide’s gin scene. The distillery’s sleek and modern design is matched only by the quality of its handcrafted gins, infused with unique blends of botanicals sourced from around the world. From the citrus-forward Southern Strength Gin to the complex and spicy Triple Juniper Gin, each sip is an explosion of flavour and aroma.

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