6 Distilleries in and Around Melbourne You Can Visit in Just an Afternoon

best gin distilleries vic

When it comes to crafting the perfect cocktail, the type of liquor you choose can make all the difference. And when it comes to gin, there’s no shortage of options in Victoria. From small, independent distilleries to large-scale operations, there’s a gin maker for every taste and preference.

But with so many choices, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explore the best gin distilleries in Victoria, so you can sip your way through the finest botanical blends and experience the art of gin-making firsthand.

best gin distilleries vic
Photo: Four Pillars Gin

Four Pillars Gin Distillery

Founded in 2013, the distillery has quickly become one of Australia’s most renowned gin-makers, thanks to its innovative approach to distilling and using native botanicals. Visitors can take a guided tour of the distillery, sample their range of award-winning gins, and even attend gin-making masterclasses. With a beautiful bar and outdoor area, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic.

best gin distilleries vic
Photo: Bass and Flinders

Bass and Flinders Distillery

Bass and Flinders Distillery is a boutique distillery located on the Mornington Peninsula, just a stone’s throw away from the wineries. Using traditional distilling methods and locally sourced ingredients, you can expect to sample a range of premium spirits, including vodka, brandy, and award-winning gin. Tour the distillery and learn about the distilling process, sample a range of spirits, including The Angry Ant Gin, made with native gravel ants, or attend a gin-making masterclass.

best gin distilleries vic
Photo: Brogan’s Way

Brogan’s Way

Stumble into the back streets of Richmond to find one of Victoria’s newest distilleries, Brogan’s Way. Led by master distiller and founder Brogan Carr, the distillery is known for its innovative approach to gin-making, using native Australian botanicals and unique distilling techniques. Visitors to Brogans Way can take a guided tour of the distillery, sample their range of gins, and even attend a gin-blending masterclass. With a strong focus on sustainability and a commitment to using only the freshest ingredients, Brogans Way is a must-visit destination for gin enthusiasts.

best gin distilleries vic
Photo: Little Lon Distilling Co.

Little Lon Distilling Co.

Another little gin distillery you will find in the city streets is Little Lon Distilling Co. Housed in Melbourne’s last remaining single-story red brick building, Little Lon is an experience itself, where guests can take a seat at the cocktail bar and sip gin or peek behind the curtain and see the stills in action. The range is small, but it packs a flavoursome punch. Expect to sip on limited edition gins infused with lychees, ginger, and even a Dutch-style bottle, where whisky meets gin.

best gin distilleries vic
Photo: Tiny Bear Distillery

Tiny Bear Distillery

Despite the name, you won’t find tiny bears here, only small batch gins and some cold-brewed coffee liqueur. After touring the micro-distillery, settle into the tasting room with a gin paddle and cheese board to share. With a strong focus on sustainability and a commitment to using only the finest ingredients, Tiny Bear Distillery is a true gem of Melbourne’s thriving craft spirits scene.

best gin distilleries vic
Photo: Anther Distillery

Anther Distillery

North Geelong
From bartenders-turned-scientist, Anther Distillery oozes cool. You can find it beneath the big brick chimney in the revitalised Federal Mills precinct, where steel tables meet brick walls and high ceilings. Behind the bar is a range of their gins, blended with traditional and modern techniques to craft unique and flavourful spirits. Find anything from an aged cherry gin to a black cherry chocolate and moon cake gin.

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