Chill Out in Melbourne with 10 of Its Finest Gelaterias

best gelato melbourne

Melbourne is heavily influenced by Europe, even more so than Sydney. Among its Italian, French, and Mediterranean gastronomic treasures, the gelato scene stands out as a true masterpiece. From traditional Italian classics to avant-garde creations that push the boundaries of flavour, Melbourne’s gelaterias cater to every palate.

Whether you’re after a vegan delight, a classic Italian scoop, a fruity sorbet or a fully decked-out sundae with toppings galore, we’ve got something you’ll enjoy.

Here are the best ice cream and gelato spots in Melbourne.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Pidapipo

Pidapipo, Carlton

Pidapipo is so popular that there are lines streaming out of the tiny gelateria, even in the middle of Winter. It’s for good reason, though. It’s the most authentic Italian gelato we’ve ever tried here in Melbourne, and with constantly circulating flavours, there’s always something new to try, as well as an old classic.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Piccolina

Piccolina Gelateria, Collingwood

Despite the original Piccolina’s location being Hawthorn, this beautiful Collingwood store has become its HQ. It’s known for fresh and simple Italian gelato, made the old-fashioned way, with minimal flavours. It’s quality over quantity. They also offer an incredible range of cakes and other sweet treats too.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Boca Gelato

Boca Gelato, Ivanhoe

This fancy, pastel-coloured gelateria is from Adam D’Sylva of Coda and Tonka. They stick to the classic Italian flavours, including a pistachio as green as the walls in Boca and the iconic bacio, which shares a similar flavour to Nutella. Check the specials board for the ‘experimental’ flavours of the day. They’re always working on new flavour combinations.

best gelato melbourne

Kōri Ice Cream, Hawthorn

Kōri has the tagline “Japanese inspired, Melbourne bred,” which is the perfect way to sum up the gelateria the brainchild of ex-Coda chef Joane Yeoh and Luxbite co-founder Bernard Chu. You’ll find 24 handcrafted flavours, including vegan options like matcha pistachio and savoury scoops such as miso and black sesame.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Kenny Lover

Kenny Lover, Thornbury

This uniquely Australian ice cream parlour evokes the nostalgic spirit of the ’70s and surprises with its quirky and handcrafted flavour combinations. Prepare to be amazed by toppings like soy sauce, yuzu, sake, olives, and white chocolate that take your taste buds on an adventurous journey. And as an added bonus, they even offer hot fries for dipping.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Billy Van Creamy

Billy Van Creamy, Fitzroy North

This vintage-inspired ice cream parlour is all about blending tradition with innovation. Offering scrumptious vegan choices and a range of entirely organic, natural flavours, they take ice cream to a whole new level. What’s more, they offer ice cream trucks for weddings, adding a sweet touch to your special day. Situated conveniently beside Piedemontes, it’s the ideal spot for an ice cream picnic.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Amanda Santamaria

Beku Gelato, Carlton

Diverging from the conventional Italian influence, this gelato parlour draws its inspiration from Southeast Asia, resulting in a selection of unconventional flavours like durian, lychee, Turkish Delight, and Malaysian condensed milk tea. Owner Agusta Triwahyu, who honed her gelato-making skills in Rome, seamlessly merges her expertise with the vibrant flavours of Southeast Asia. The result is an unforgettable fusion that deserves your attention.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Messina

Gelato Messina, Multiple Locations

Sydney’s cherished gelato chain has found a warm welcome in Melbourne, attracting lively crowds with its hip ambience, friendly staff, and vibrant tunes—it’s undeniably the go-to hangout spot for the cool crowd, and it’s easy to see why. Their flavour selection is a real showstopper, with exciting new additions appearing regularly.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Miinot Gelato

Miinot Gelato, Pascoe Vale South

Emma Nicholas-Jennis, the proprietor of Miinot, had the enviable upbringing of being immersed in the world of gelato. Given her background, it’s no wonder she serves up some of the finest gelatos in Melbourne. Our recommendation for an unparalleled flavour experience is the burnt fig—a taste that transports you straight to Venice with every spoonful.

best gelato melbourne
Photo: Augustus Gelatery

Augustus Gelatery, Multiple Locations

Augustus Gelateria, founded by hospitality veterans Joe Milinaro and Paul Vernuccio, is a year-round haven for gelato enthusiasts. Inspired by their Italian roots, the duo focuses on the joyous aspects of gelato – vibrant colours, rich textures, and nostalgic childhood memories. Offering 32 daily-fresh flavours, including crowd favourites like pistachio and innovative selections like charcoal vanilla, Augustus shines with its buffalo-milk gelati, sourced from a North Queensland farmer.

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