8 Of Sydney’s Top French Restaurants to Transport You to Paris

best french restaurants sydney

Discover the culinary delights of French cuisine right in the heart of Sydney. From charming bistros to elegant brasseries, the city is home to a plethora of outstanding French restaurants that transport diners to the streets of Paris.

Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable experience as we explore the crème de la crème of French culinary delights in the heart of Sydney.

best french restaurants sydney
Photo: Steven Woodburn

Chez Blue, Rozelle

Step into the glamour of old-world Parisian dining at Chez Blue. They swap linen tablecloths for paper ones stamped with “599 Rue Cherie” (a Franglais take on Darling Street), the table lights are tiny frilly versions of floor lamps, there’s leather banquettes, and vintage Parisian decor strung up around the dining room. It’s the attention to detail that matters here. Chef Mark Williamson, formerly of Bistro Moncur, crafts a menu of classic French dishes with a playful twist. Highlights include a revamped niçoise, a peach and tomato salad, and for the main, the fish with clams is hard to beat. For dessert, French classics are the way to go, be it a Paris-brest or lemon tart. An approachable French-centric wine list and creative cocktails, like the croissant-washed mini martini, complete the Parisian experience, leaving you craving a French adventure.

best french restaurants sydney
Photo: Yusuke Oba

Charlotte Bar and Bistro, McMahons Point

Chef Hiroshi Manaka sharpened his culinary expertise in some of Europe’s most renowned Michelin-starred kitchens. However, when he arrived in Sydney, he was enticed to stay by the unique opportunity to fuse his two passions: French and Japanese cuisine, which he now brilliantly showcases at Charlotte Bar and Bistro. Diners can expect an authentic, nostalgic, and avant-garde approach to French cuisine. The signature dish, ‘Boeuf En Croûte Royal,’ blends tradition and innovation and requires at least 24 hours advanced notice. The à la carte menu is filled with French classics like a ratatouille-inspired vegetable tart and an indulgent, rich lobster ravioli topped with tempura zucchini flowers for crunch.

best french restaurants sydney


Hubert is as iconic as it gets. Nestled in the heart of the city, Hubert transports diners to 1930s Paris with its charming ambience and legendary French cuisine. With its dimly lit, underground setting, get cosy for an intimate dining experience, perfect for date night. Indulge in their classic French dishes like escargots de Bourgogne, coq au vin, and perfectly prepared steak frites.

best french restaurants sydney


Stumble down the Ivy precinct lane, and find Felix, a stylish brasserie that brings a touch of Parisian chic to Sydney. The menu celebrates French classics, such as moules marinières, confit duck leg, and escargot. The artfully designed interiors and attentive service enhance the overall dining experience, making it a must-visit for French cuisine enthusiasts.

best french restaurants sydney

Bistrot 916

Elizabeth Bay
Bistrot 916, led by renowned hospitality players Dan Pepperell, Michael Clift, and sommelier Andy Tyson, offers a neo-French dining experience. Their seafood-centric menu combines French-bistro classics with innovative twists, such as boudin noir spring rolls and escargot with handmade pasta. Located on Challis Avenue, the restaurant brings a cool, understated elegance reminiscent of Parisian bistros, complete with a vinyl-stacked wall. Prepare for a culinary journey that blends tradition with creativity at Bistrot 916.

best french restaurants sydney


Milsons Point
Loulou, a culinary haven encompassing a bistro, bakery, and deli, showcases the diverse world of French cuisine beyond stereotypes. Head chef Ned Parker, with experience at Michelin-starred establishments, crafts a menu brimming with unapologetically French dishes. Indulge in breakfast classics like croissants and eggs Florentine, while later options include Sydney rock oysters and Tasmanian octopus salad. The boulangerie offers a constant supply of fresh bread, while the traiteur tempts with salads, rotisserie chickens, and charcuterie.

best french restaurants sydney


Porcine, a restaurant owned and operated by renowned chefs Nik Hill and Harry Levy, offers delightful French cuisine with a strong emphasis on utilising the entire pig, from the nose to the curly tail. The establishment, previously known as Micky’s, has undergone a remarkable transformation. With a fresh coat of paint and elegant antique decorations, the once-gritty café on Oxford Street now resembles a charming Parisian bistro, creating a picturesque dining experience.

best french restaurants sydney

The Charles Grand Brasserie and Bar

The Charles captures the essence of a bygone era despite opening much later. The restaurant offers a menu influenced by Spanish, Austrian, and Italian cuisines, with the highlight being a whole dry-aged duck served on a silver platter. A roaming dessert trolley and a curated wine selection add to the elegant experience, while the design blends heritage features with modern elements.

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