It’s Official: These Are the Top 10 Most Searched Easter Eggs of 2021

chocolate easter egg

Easter is just around the corner (maybe not for Queensland) which means it’s time for…a hot cross bun lamb burger? Oh, please no — leave hot cross buns alone! No, it’s time to enjoy and indulge in chocolate — specifically, Easter eggs — and absolutely no-one can judge you for it.

And according to SEMRush, an online visibility platform, the most popular Easter egg is…drumroll please…the very, very worthy Cadbury Creme Egg. Yes, the deliciously gooey chocolate egg, filled with soft fondant, has topped the list of most searched Easter eggs. It’s what she deserves.

Next on the list were Minni Eggs and Kinder Surprise, with Cadbury Caramilk coming in fourth. In fact, the creme de la Creme Egg was twice as popular as the Caramilk Egg.

The KitKat Bunny took fifth place — justice for the Malteser Bunny! — and the Lindt Gold Bunny came in sixth. Surprisingly enough, the Violet Crumble Bunny took out the seventh spot. Rounding out the eighth, ninth and tenth spot were Kinder Mini Eggs, Ferrero Rocher Squirrel and the Smarties Easter Egg, respectively.

You can see the full list below:

Top 10 Most Searched for Easter Eggs

  1. Cadbury Creme Egg
  2. Mini Eggs
  3. Kinder Surprise
  4. Cadbury Caramilk
  5. Kit Kat Bunny
  6. Lindt Gold Bunny
  7. Violet Crumble Bunny
  8. Kinder Mini Eggs
  9. Ferrero Rocher Squirrel
  10. Smarties Easter Egg

If you’re a fan of home brand chocolate, you’re not alone — Coles Chocolate Coins only just missed out on the top 10…we Aussie’s truly do love a bargain (especially when it pertains to a sweet tooth, apparently).

As for Red Tulip, a classic choice from grandmothers everywhere? Yeah, it’s got very low search volumes — probably because no-one under 70 looks for it.

Wondering how people even discover this? So SEMRush pulls data from Google searches on certain terms — the number of times keywords were searched for in Google.  The Keyword Magic Tool with SEMRush looked for the number of searches for each item, over the past year, specifically in Australia. It’s called magic for a reason!

As for the favourites when it comes to types of chocolate? Twitter was on hand for that, and dark chocolate was the most popular type with a 67% positive sentiment. No wonder why, when even neuroscientists recommend it. Milk chocolate and white chocolate were pretty much tied, 61% for the former, and 60% for the latter.

And how that was discovered? SEMRush again — it looks at the content of tweets for positive/negative/neutral words, phrases and emojis to derive a percentage based on the keyword/topic.

Looking for other sweet treats to try over Easter? Good thing Disney’s Dole Whip is coming to the Easter Show.

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