4 Cask Wine Brands You Won’t Mind Displaying on the Dining Table

best cask wine

Gone are the days when cask wine was synonymous with low-quality plonk. Today, a new wave of premium boxed wine brands is captivating the hearts and palates of wine enthusiasts across the country. Not to mention, the boxes have had a serious facelift.

From colourful kaleidoscopes to mini pastel goon sacks, you won’t want to hide the boxed wine at your next gathering. In fact, you might just want to sit it on the dining table for everyone to see.

Here are our favourite cask wines to serve at your next gathering.

best boxed wine

Gonzo Vino

Gonzo Vino, under the guidance of former sommelier Marcus Radny, is giving cask wine a hip revival. Their latest lineup showcases the daringly named “Boomer Juice,” “Splishy Splashy,” and “Get a Grip” cardboardeaux wines, injecting a lively and playful spirit into boxed wine. These wines offer a Mediterranean twist, seamlessly fusing contemporary flavours with eco-conscious packaging, and they maintain their freshness for 6-8 weeks after opening. It’s like experiencing wine in a whole new way! And don’t forget the vibrant and playful box; it’s a showstopper on any table.

best boxed wine

A Glass Of

Picture this: Handpicked wines from Australia’s top independent winemakers, meticulously selected by sommeliers and served up in mini goon sacks. It’s Fancy with a capital F. A Glass Of offers a unique concept — instead of committing to a whole bottle, you can enjoy takeaway wines by the glass. This way, you can explore a variety of delectable new releases affordably and sustainably. At just $45 per box, you receive five 200ml pouches, slightly more than your typical restaurant glass. Plus, nationwide delivery is on the house, the packaging is charming, and the wine? Oh, it’s wonderfully juicy.

best boxed wine

Happy Sack

This innovative venture involves exciting collaborations with local wineries to create their house products, all neatly packaged in adorable goon sacks. Each 1.5-litre bag contains a generous 15.4 standard drinks, and it’s available at a ridiculously affordable price of $32. They’ve even added convenient finger holes to make your pouring experience a breeze. The wine offerings are diverse; you can savour an unconventional blend of Arneis and zibbibo from the Adelaide Hills or opt for the intriguing “Red…ish” mix, featuring Victorian cab sav with a dash of spicy white varieties. Happy Sack is all about affordable wine enjoyment with a twist.

best boxed wine


This one really stands out in the world of stylish goon sacks. Winesmiths has just unveiled a collection of limited-edition 2-litre wine casks adorned with artwork by renowned Australian street artist Billie Justice Thomson. They’re so aesthetically pleasing that you can proudly bring them to any dinner party. Each flavour is adorned with vibrant illustrations of iconic Aussie flora. The selection includes beloved classics like savvy b, pinot grigio, and shiraz, and these casks are designed to stay fresh in the fridge for several weeks, effectively reducing waste. And the best part? They’re incredibly budget-friendly at just $16 each or $64 for a set of four.

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