The Best 5G Phone Plans in Australia Right Now

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5G promises faster and more reliable connections, so it’s no wonder people want their phones to be connected to the networks. But since only the top three telcos — Optus, Telstra and Vodafone — support it, it can be hard to get a 5G phone plan on a budget. With most of the usual low cost, high value telcos like Boost Mobile and Tangerine out of the running, how are you supposed to find the best budget 5G phone plan?

To help you get the best connection possible without paying top dollar, we’ve rounded up the best and cheapest 5G SIM-only phone plans in Australia. Whether you need to stay with the Big Three for premium coverage in regional areas or just want the flexibility that comes from not being locked into a contract, there’s a budget plan here to suit you — and get you connected to 5G.

Best Budget 5G Phone Plan

Optus has the cheapest 5G plan with its $2 Flex plan. For that price, you get full access to the Optus 5G network plus 2GB of data, unlimited talk and text and the option to add up to 300 minutes of standard international talk for an extra 50 cents. The catch is that it’s only a daily plan. This option is great for travellers or anyone who needs a day or two of coverage to carry them through to something more permanent.

See how the $2 Optus Flex 5G plan compares to other budget 5G plans below:

Compare the Best Budget 5G Phone Plans

Vodafone’s $40 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack is currently discounted to just $14, making it the second best budget plan. That offer ends on June 22, though. Spintel’s $50 plan is a more permanent offering and will only cost you $40 a month for the first six months.

On the more expensive end of the budget offerings, Boost’s $70 Prepaid SIM uses the Telstra 5G network and includes 100GB.

Most Popular 5G Phone Plan

Overall, the most popular 5G phone plan in Australia is the $65 Medium Upfront SIM Plan from Telstra. It includes 80GB of data, unlimited national calls and texts and 30 minutes of international calls.

Compare the Most Popular 5G Phone Plans

Vodafone’s $40 SIM-only Lite Plan also ranks highly, as does the $115 Optus Plus Promo Plan. Aussie Broadband rounds out the most popular plans, offering 200GB a month for $65 and no lock-in contract.

Compare Telstra 5G Plans

Compare Optus 5G Plans

Compare Vodafone 5G Plans

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