12 of the Best Supermarket Waters For When You Forget Your Reusable Bottle

best bottled water

It’s hot in Australia, so we all need to stay hydrated. Even though we’re advocates of ditching single-use plastic, sometimes you find yourself out, and about needing a bottle of water, so we decided to taste test and rank the best-bottled waters on shelves.

Yes, water can taste different. Have you ever had Voss or San Pellegrino? So next time you need to quench your thirst, reach for the best bottle.

12. Pump

Let’s face it, we all loved the pop top in high school, but Pump water just doesn’t cut it anymore. The chlorine-detergent-like aroma is enough to put you off. That said, the flavoured waters are always a hit and great for on-the-go.

11. Mount Franklin

Perhaps the most common bottle you will see, but the slightly dirty aromas give it an off-putting medicinal feel. It also leaves a sulphur aftertaste.

10. Balance

The slim, sleek Balance water bottle is beautiful and wraps around a hand nicely, but the water quality is average. They use spring water infused with Australian wildflowers but state it’s non-flavoured.

9. Evian

Evian comes from France, so there’s a bit of salt in this water, but we’re not fans. The texture is thin, and there are a lot of minerals in that one bottle.

8. Snowy Mountain

All in all, Snowy Mountain is a reasonable choice. Spring Water is collected from a single sustainable source; it’s fresh and packed with minerals, although it doesn’t leave the mineral aftertaste.

7. Fiji

There was a time Fiji water reigned supreme, but other brands have pushed it down the totem pole. There’s nothing bad with Fiji water though; it’s smooth, neutral and refreshing.

6. Just Water

If you’re looking for a sustainable choice, JUST is your answer. This water is boxed in a bottle made from 54% paper and 28% plant-based plastic, meaning 82% of the package is renewable. As for the taste, it’s refreshing, with no aftertaste, and smooth.

5. Capi

While we mostly know Capi for our tonic needs, their still water is just as good. It’s smooth with a satisfying dry finish. The bottles are cute too.

4. Santa Vittoria

Who wouldn’t love drinking Italian mineral water? Originating from Northern Italy, this funky-shaped bottle of water is one of the purest options around.

3. Acqua Panna

When you’re at a fancy restaurant and ask for water, you might see them bring over a bottle of Acqua Panna. This water is sourced from the high mountain ranges in Tuscany, the bottles are recyclable, and the taste is pure and fresh.

2. Addwater

This thin square-shaped bottle catches attention on Harris Farm Market shelves, but its 100% pure Australian natural spring water taste is what makes it a standout. Smooth, silky, and refreshing. The bottles are recyclable and refillable.

1. Voss

You knew this was coming. Voss water is unbeatable. The water comes from Norway, clean and dry with a savoury aftertaste. The slim bottles are a fan-favourite, perfect for quenching your thirst.

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