The Best Beard Trimmers to Tame Your Facial Hair

To keep your facial hair looking neat and tidy, investing in a beard trimmer is a must. These handy devices allow you to neaten edges, tame your hair, and make it look a little bit more presentable, because there’s nothing worse than a scraggly beard.

Canstar Blue recently surveyed over 300 Australians who have purchased a beard trimmer in the last few months and asked them to rate it based on a number of variables including comfort, performance and reliability, ease of use and value for money. From the survey, these five beard trimmer brands were rated the best, with Wahl nabbing the top spot.

So, if you’re in the market for a new trimmer, look no further than these handy devices.

Wahl Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit, $169.95

Wahl offers a plethora of beard trimming options and one of the brand’s best is the Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit. With the use of lithium-ion technology, this trimmer gives you twice the amount of power and three times the run time of a normal trimmer while also allowing you to achieve 13 trimming lengths.

This product isn’t just for facial hair. It can also be used for haircuts and trimming larger areas, and comes with a precision detailer blade to remove unwanted ear and nose hair.

“What a fantastic product. I ask myself why did I stuff around with cheap battery operated products, when this was available. The charge holds for weeks. So powerful and so many accessories,” an anonymous reviewer wrote. Shop via Shaver Shop for $169.95.

Image: Shaver Shop

Braun Beard Trimmer, $119

Braun’s Beard Trimmer comes with a number of accessories which allow you to style your beard as well as using it to contour edging and detail trimming or cleanly shave your face completely. This beard trimmer is also fully washable and can be cleaned under running water. Shop via Shaver Shop for $119.

Image: Shaver Shop

Remington Graphite Series Grooming Kit, $79.95

Remington is one of the leaders in the personal grooming space and its extensive line of beard trimmers allows you to cater your purchase to your grooming needs. The T Blade in Remington’s Graphite Series trimmer allows for precise edging, trimming and detailing and also includes a number of interchangeable heads including one can be used for your ear and nose hair. Shop via Harvey Norman for $79.95.


Image: Harvey Norman

Kmart Beard Trimmer, $25

While Kmart would most definitely be considered the underdog in the world of personal grooming, it does stock a number of grooming products that do a fine job of trimming and are also very affordable. Kmart’s Beard Trimmer has a precision dial as well as stainless steel blades and an adjustable hair length for one to 10mm.

It might not compete when it comes to battery time, but as one reviewer wrote, it “does what it says, very handy and quick for beard trimming. Does an even job”. Shop via Kmart for $25.

Image: Kmart

Philips Vaccum Beard Trimmer, $129

A fairly new release from Philips, the Vaccum Beard Trimmer has an improved system that includes 50% stronger airflow in order to give you a mess-free trim as it captures up to 95% of cut hair! This device also has stainless steel blades that are double-sharpened and shapen themselves by lightly brushing against each other. The blades also don’t require replacement or oiling throughout the trimmer’s lifetime, making this possibly the most low maintenance product of them all.

“My partner tried this trimmer and was genuinely impressed. The vacuum suction allows the hair to be collected rather than be scattered all over the bathroom sink! Easy to use, with a great overall result,” wrote reviewer Melanie. Shop via Shaver Shop for $129.

Image: Shaver Shop

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