The Best Anti-Chafe Creams to Stop Thigh Chafing in Its Tracks

chafing cream

Any woman who has thighs that touch has experienced the dreaded thigh chafe — “chub rub” if you’re going by the less forgiving name. It’s not only women that experience it, however. Men also experience thigh chafe, and groin chafe is pretty common for them as well.

So what’s there to do when your thick thighs aren’t, in fact, saving lives but making you curse out your own? Well, there’s chafing creams. Or, to use their accurate name — anti-chafe creams.

To help you and your lovely thighs out (or groin, armpits, underboob, bum), we’ve rounded up the best chafing creams Australia has to offer — that you can find at your local chemist, supermarket, or sports store.

Zo Rub Anti Chafing Cream, $8.99

This 75g option, available at Chemist Warehouse, has a 4.8-star review. Comments include “exceptional”, “the only chafing product I use and swear by”, and “fantastic for sportsmen in the family!”.

In fact, one mum was so chuffed with the results this anti-chafing cream had for her and her bub, that she made a little poem, proclaiming its benefits.

WOO WOO Saddle Sore! Anti-Chafing Soothing Balm, $16.95

This balm from Priceline gives you two for the price of one. Not only is it used for anti-chafing, but it’s also a post-shaving balm. It contains chamomile, rosehip oil and aloe vera – all notoriously soothing.

Neat 3B Action Cream, $15.99

The three b’s stand for breast, buttocks and…blegs? I’m not quite sure, but this is actually the one I use from Pharmacy Select.

Not only is it a great option in terms of thigh chafe, but (and I’m verging on TMI here) it’s also been great for my bum in spin classes — bike saddles are not made for women with asses, let me tell you that much.

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe, $24.99

This chafing cream has 96 five-star reviews on Rebel Sports. Not only is it incredibly rated, but it’s used by runners, to Nippers, to pregnant women alike. According to the website, it is ‘unsurpassed’.

It also comes in a For Her version, if you just really want the packaging to be pink.

Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick, USD$14

This anti-chafe cream isn’t stocked locally, but according to the brand they do ship to Australia! Another one with a cult following, this option had Fashionista editor-in-chief, Tyler McCall, saying it changed her life.

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